Haunt 2 Proposal: Haunt 2 Contingent on Auction Functionality

'Ello Gov’nuhs,

I was thinking of creating the following Haunt 2 proposal entitled “Wen Haunt 2”.

As per the Aavegotchi roadmap, Aavegotchi Development Roadmap V2 | by Aavegotchi | Apr, 2021 | Medium, NFT Auction functionality is planned to be delivered this quarter which is coming to an end soon.

Having this NFT auction functionality in place will greatly improve the fairness around frens acquiring portals at a fair price and not missing out on the action.

I am putting this proposal in place to commence haunt 2 when the NFT auction functionality has been delivered by the Aavegotchi developers. If you disagree and want to delay haunt 2 even further, select the “Delay Haunt 2 Further” option.


Option 1: “Haunt 2 When Auctions Ready”

Option 2: “Delay Haunt 2 Further”

Would you vote for this proposal? Would you agree with just having two options like this?

  • Yes, time for Haunt 2
  • Nope

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Can you create a poll so everyone could vote?


Added a poll, definitely voting yes on this one, LFG


Thanks Fren. Voted on your poll.


I am looking very much forward to Season 2 of rarity farming. Can’t wait to send my Gotchis into the ARS-race…
As Season 2 will not start before Haaunt 2, I want to see Haaunt 2 as soon as possible.


Yes please, would like the chance at a couple portals that don’t cost me $1000 since I’m a new joiner


Since I’m on a budget, I’d like to delay H2 until after first realm pre-sale. If I’d buy a land plot in an auction and afterwards cannot afford an H2 portal anymore…so be it. But if I buy an H2 portal in an auction and afterwards cannot afford a land plot anymore, that would be the much sader scenario for me. :confused:

That is the issue with an auction model. One can no longer know how much one can buy for a certain amount.

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Based on the chatter in Discord yesterday. To give this proposal the best chance of succeeding, I will wait until the proposals for wearable and gotchi voting power votes take place.

Voting Power for Wearables - Snapshot

Voting Power for Aavegotchis - Snapshot

[EDIT 15th June 2021: updated these links to the core proposals for Wearable and Gotchi voting power]


When might we have any updates on this? I’m still a new player (with not the most capital) and excited for when I might be able to scoop a portal so I can get my first gotchi.

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Do we know if the Gotchi Voting and Wearable Voting Core proposals pass successfully, how long would it take to implement Gotchi and Wearable Voting into Snapshot?

We’ll get to work crafting the new strategy with the help of the Snapshot team after the CoreProp passes. With development + testing I’d hope it wouldn’t be more than two weeks.


Is that core prop up yet? I may have missed it when I was looking at snapshot

I haven’t created a haunt 2 prop yet on snapshot. Core props for gotchi and wearable voting power are linked above.

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Thanks, I’ve voted on these already. Just excited for haunt 2 and looking forward to getting a gotchi. :call_me_hand:

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