Let's Advance PVP Heart Shooting to Sigprop

This is a continuance of a discussion i have posted a few times in the dao forum and have discussed amply in the Discord.

I was greatly encouraged to hear, during this past weekly hang-out, CoderDan’s openness to turning on heart shooting for weekly spillover events in a pre-determined area/district. I think the time is ripe to sigprop this and get it going…or team could just turn on heart shooting. If this happens, they’re NOT going to get it perfect on the first go or second go. This is a long work in progress but it needs to start sooner than later. To reiterate why heart shooting should be turned on for a weekly event:

  1. Allowing a friendly competitive PVP aspect to the gotchiverse, even in rudimentary form, will add some much needed engagement & gamification to the Gotchiverse outside of simply channeling and building on your parcel. I think we need this as a community.

  2. Potential sinks. Charge for hearts. I propose that in the beginning we go with whatever is easier for the Devs to implement. Glitter, alpha, kek, raffle tickets, could all be used to get hearts or other pvp items/abilities. Start with hearts and if things go well you can well imagine expanding to one-shot kills (ex: 1 kek allows to you shoot an insta-kill poop shot), healing potions, speed boosts…Competitive gameplay is the only viable alchemical sink in the long-run imho. All current sinks in the gotchiverse are to create installations that generate more alchemical or to craft decorations that frankly, the community has enough of for the time being. PVP sinks do not generate more alchemical but instead are needed to improve your ability to collect already existing alchemical.

  3. Attract new players. Even this primitive form of competitive gameplay is completely unique in the crypto space right? Players can come in, battle each other in a huge multiplayer world, and literally take erc 20 tokens from one another in the context of a real game, and if they get to that vortex in time, deposit it straight into their wallet. We have this capability now…it may not be the epic game we have in mind a year from now but it’s potentially better than anything else out there and potentially more fun…If we advertise this right, people will engage even before the final product is finished.

  4. Turning on heart shooting and charging for it creates a new game dynamic that is sorely needed. Creating a game that people will play with the expectation of making a profit but may still continue playing EVEN IF THEY DON’T. While the greatest games can make you addicted just by pumping your brain with dopamine through a thrilling game exp, even boring games can keep people around if you add to it the possibility of earning $$. It’s how casino games, poker, boardwalk games work…People will play if there’s a chance to earn/win money and some will continue to play even if they end up investing more than they are taking out. We should feed these impulses not just with possibility of earning through your gameplay but tapping into those dopamine triggers that make people play to get more loot, badges, levels…Turning hearts on is the first step in creating an immersive environment. Hopefully some of these players start by investing in hearts to see if they can earn a few bucks and graduate to wanting to own their own gotchi or parcel…

  5. Bots. Turning on PVP will allow real players to help the devs with the bot problem. Bots, at least as they are currently programmed, have zero shot against any player with a basic level of skill. Botters will get rekted. I personally do not believe that botters will be able to develop better bots that will ever hold their own against real players (and especially players working in teams) but if they can…GREAT. We should welcome that challenge. It’s like when you’re fighting the last boss in an arcade game that is totally overpowered to the point of cheating you out of your quarters. Do you stop? No, you put even more quarters in because that’s what games do to you…you want to win. This is what a few of us are talking about, when we say let’s embrace the bots as part of the game mechanics rather than fight an endless, uphilll battle.

  6. Dev testing. If devs of any idea they want to test out, maybe they can use these spillover events to test them out. Test their servers, look for bugs. Try new things out with the community actively involved and providing feedback.

  7. Encourage more collaboration and team building…Well run guilds and active managers will be rewarded.

  8. PVP will facilitate the in-game social aspects. No one uses the chat much…cause there’s no one to talk to. I suspect that will change during this heart shooting spillover events.

  9. Exposure to what’s happening in the gotchiverse. We need eyes on the space. You never see anyone wandering the gotchiverse. All these decorations and built up parcels are left unseen. We’re going to nft displays in a month and there’s going to be very few people looking at them…Well during these spillover events, people will be running around and able to take in and observe the detailed environments, displays, and art. We don’t want to turn into decentraland. An empty wasteland of beautiful NFT art that no one bothers to look at…

  10. Finally, should not be dev intensive? A big reason why i’m so enamored with this idea is that it seems the coding infrastructure for this is already in place. My sense of time was off, i thought we were shooting hearts at each other as early as March of this year but it turns out we actually were playing a version of this in DECEMBER of last year. Yes it was laggy. But it was still a blast. 9 months later it seems like it may be possible to have a non-laggy version of heart shooting in one district for a few hours a week initially? I have no idea how difficult it would be to figure out the mechanics of setting up the heart purchasing system, whether payment is through glitter, tickets, or alchemica, but this idea seems the most realistic one that will not overly tax the core team from their other work including building the real PVP game with wearables and creating the grid. If that game isn’t coming out for several months, a reasonable amount of dev energy to get heart shooting pvp seems worth it to keep the community engaged and possibly work out another sink for gltr/alchemical. It seems like time well worth spent for the all reasons above.

So let’s do this?


This is a bit late to be effective, IMHO. If we were going to force this point, months ago was when to do it. We’re getting very close to release of the Gotchi Combat Simulator, and this effort would surely be pulling from the team that is working on the thing we want most, which is the better version of what you are asking for(a PVP punt.)

A request that might fit with a minimum of dev work, would be to allow the PVP hearts that we have already tested to be turned on during various Twitter spaces… maybe we could gate it by having PC pick someone’s upcoming twitter space each week, based on what they think will be getting the most views, and no repeats. After we go through nofute and the other GMI spaces and a few guilds, others will surely step up their content game to have gotchiwarz on their feed…


Is there an ETA on Gotchi Combat Simulator? I did try to get this going in May…at this point I can be patient if you have some info that a some sort of PVP system will be in place by the fall (doesn’t have to be the full but something). If not, hearts shooting really shouldn’t be that difficult to implement given we already had a version of it 9 months ago. But I agree, if this is too much dev time and the simulator is fast approaching, let’s wait. Some clarity on timelines would be helpful.

Howabout 0 dev time, just turn it on once a week in all its janky unpolished laggy goodness, for whomevers stream got the most concurrent viewers the prior week. Use it as bait for more promo effort, shut us up, do nothing but turn the option back on temporarily and talk shit about how much better the real thing is.

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Thanks for the post and bringing attention to the discussion on the forum I wasn’t aware this topic existed, I’m fully onboard with the idea.

Keeping the principle of low dev work in mind, I’d like to add to your idea by giving each gotchi a little uniqueness along with the proposed frenly competition.

Since the devs have been experimenting with inertia already, we can have it implemented to initial version of heart shooting pvp as well for more flavor. I’d propose to have it scale with experience i.e. more experience a gotchi has lower inertia it’s going to have, giving edge in heart combat. This would give some love to xp in the gotchiverse until the combat is fully launched, making it a relevant metric just like kinship.

Second idea is, since the health point is tied to sprint, with some pvp action it will become more important. I’d suggest it to scale with BRS. The health points will be related to energy of a gotchi in future based on the decided traits however, since there’s no action point mechanics just yet, I think initially we can have it scale with BRS. This will be rewarding the people who has invested in high brs gotchis and wearables besides rarity farming and potentially prevent bleeding of wearable prices once the rarity farming season is over.

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sure, I’m not opposed to any of these ideas but let’s just get something on the table first…especially something that can be used as an alchemical sink. To shoot hearts you have to pay for them. if you pay for them and get to shoot hearts you can now take alchemical collected by other gotchis. if you don’t want to get your alchemical taken, you also need to invest in hearts for protection…it’s a loop of sinks.

I like Hardkor’s idea of just turning it on and seeing what happens. Lag and all. AS we begin to fine tune it, keeping in mind minimal dev work taken away from the main pvp game, maybe we can implement some of these more sophisticated ideas.

I don’t necessarily see heart shooting as a foundation to build the full pvp game from…it can be but I can also see heart shooting as just a temporary game to have in the gotchiverse that can hopefully eat up some alchemica as we wait for the team’s fully fleshed rendition of their pvp game. it’s just like turning on a switch to a game component we already know exists. the key is whether or not we can charge for the heart shooting. but even if we can’t, just turn it on and see what happens.

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I agree with pretty much all the points you have initially made especially the fundamentals of it like paying up with alchemica for hearts, while the infra is being strengthened if things like inertia have matured, might worth consider adding it if things align and time permits. I also don’t think necessarily the health bar scaling with brs would be too sophisticated to account for such event. Just would be a nice bonus for people who’s been around and invested for long.

But anyways again agree with keeping it minimum to prevent diversion from main developments. It maybe starts as ‘purge daay’ event for one hangout and if people enjoy it perhaps becomes a gap filler until combat launches, who knows.

Appreciate the effort and idea!

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I’m REALLY looking forward to the PVP aspect of the Gotchiverse!!

I know Dan had mentioned if we turn hearts on now along with the current farming mechanics it would break the game

I know NFT displays/FakeGotchi/Dapp V2 are being worked on, its a good idea to find out how far out the PvP stuff is

The idea of turning on hearts for events sounds fun and would make for engaging events to co-ordinate among Guilds…Turning on a whole District as an Arena for periods of time

Based on the performance seen at hangouts… we need the refactor or we’re gonna look bad.

Like… ill play though lag, but im a competitive gamer and Im already all in. Thats NOT something you want involved in a first impression. Same thing woth marketing… we arent ready to go super hard… refactor + fake gotchi + mvp pvp = lets rock.

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