Make Estate Building Worthwhile

The clear winner here seems to be linking estate size to aaltars rather than lodges. I’m going to set up a snapshot vote for this feature change.

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Using altar level for reasonable and humble and lodge for the spacious parcel, makes more sense with how things scale. Simply switching it seems a bit simplistic and misses a lot of major effects of the estate mechanic.

A spacious estate saves 64 to 128 walls per spacious added, and this is huge money, on a scale with what having a lodge would cost. For a humble or reasonable, this number is mopre in line with what leveling the altar extra would cost.

Also, with the altar, you need it and noone ius going to have less than a level 4, so there is literally no cost to entry, and this makes almost all spacious estates never need to do anything at all extra, to enable the estate. Youve gone from cheaper, to free, in that case. On a humble, yes, it IS an expense to level the lodge past 4, as thats all you need for the humble.

I need to run all the numbers to do it right, but I feel there needs to be a competing proposal, where we just fork the estate code, and make it so there is a concurrent version, that only links reasonables and humbles, and uses the altar instead.

This would be Gated Communities, VS Estates

You can tie all the single family homes in the world together, and its still not an Estate… an Estate involves acreage, and forests, and extra space, none of which is h\going on in humbles and reasonables.

Also - it would have been really good to wait until after NortoriusBTC and MikeyJay report in this weekend with their findings on the harvesters and reservoirs and makers, before doing anything with this, as we dont necessarily know what we are even talking about right now, and there is a chance we can combine all of this into a comprehensive solution.

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