Voting rebalance - 1 Wallet 1 Vote irrespective of GHST

As a firm believer in democracy, i feel the current voting power towards those with more GHST is a dangerous thing for the project. Imagine for a moment the winner of Season 1 uses all that GHST power to shape the project in their own favour. A better solution is to have 1 vote, 1 vote power for each wallet address regardless of how much GHST or number of Gotchi’s that wallet has. This is fair, removes the bias of rich controlling the project, thoughts?


This discussion has been held during the H2 debate already and it wasn’t pretty lol. Skin in the game should be reflected in voting power in my opinion, investing into an early stage project is a big risk after all. So I really dislike this idea, especially since there’s no evidence of whales maliciously using the DAO to enrich themselves.

Also how do you stop bots from completely abusing this system?


I agree in any Democracy each citizen has one vote in an election. No one vote is more powerful than the next. An election can not be considered fair if it can be swayed one way or the other buy selling votes. Hence an election that can be bought buy selling votes is really not democratic at all.

This would simply never work.
just imagine people using a script to pop 1 million addresses

If you want something like this it would have to be 1 gotchi = 1 vote.

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Well it was never democratic to begin with, it’s plutocratic.
If you want a democracy you’d have to do a KYC for everyone which is something nobody wants.

But maybe there will be a solution that brings more power to the low end without it being exploitable by making multiple addresses.

Maybe according vote power only to people who own a gotchi with kinship over a certain value would be more fair, as I can see gotchies are somewhat well distributed.