New Feature: Friendships!

inspired by instagram likes and visiting our friends villages in animal crossing to water their plants… aavegotchi brings: give love <3

anyone should be able to “give love” to our aavegotchi friends! this will be a similar mechanic to “petting” but will differ in the following ways:

Pet Give Love <3
increases Kinship increases Friendship
user pets own gotchi every 12 hours user can give love to 3 other gotchis every 12 hours

Friendship category to be added to rarity farming!


  • user cannot give love to any of his/her own gotchis (we show love to our own through petting)

further optional rules (which may overcomplicate):

  • implement maximum for one user giving love to a specific gotchi (to address love farming and excessive backscratching)

this proposal attempts to allow the community to express which aavegotchis we like best! edits and feedback welcome :slight_smile: love u all <3


Gotchis should definetly be able to befriend other Gotchis. That is a ‘must have’ in my opinion. It would enable so many more possibilities. E.g. playing mini-games with/against your frens. Or have like a secret Santa event with your frens, where people can put items (of same or any rarity?) in and get an item from one of their fens out.

Hence, I would suggest that instead of having a ‘user’ limit, one would have a ‘Gotchi’ limit. One Gotchi could only give love (or maybe for ghosts ‘pull prank’ or ‘spook’ or ‘haunt with’ might be more appropriate?) to [X] other Gotchis per 12h.

And once Gotchi X gave love to Gotchi Y at least [threshold value] times AND Gotchi Y also gave love to Gotchi X at least [threshold value] times, they officially become friends (and unlock friend features like playing together etc.)

One could also think about Gotchis having a life partner. That would require a lot more interactions and you can only have one life partner at any given time (cos fun fact: ‘ghosts are monogamous’…who knew?) and it cannot be with another Gotchi that you own yourself (that would be like in*est).


yes!! i was thinking about gotchi marriages too! will you send me wearables when my gotchis get married? :slight_smile:


That is also a great idea. In order to attend the wedding event with your Gotchi(s), you need to send an item as a gift.
Whether I would send a gift? Not sure. Maybe I should not. My Gotchi had the hots for your Gotchi since they haunted together. But your Gotchi friend-zoned my Gotchi, which made him really sad. I think it would be too much for him emotionally. :thinking:

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