Proposal: adding a "Pet All" feature

Hey frens, I’d like to discuss adding a “Pet All” feature to the game. A quick vote against Pet All has been done on discord already (see image below).

I understand the results, but I don’t think the outcome is desirable. There is a phrasing element to this vote (gotchi have feelings etc.) that skews results but I will not discuss that.

A. View on the goal and effectiveness of not adding “Pet All”:

I understand that the goal of NOT adding Pet All is to make the game more “fair” by making “whales” spend the same amount of time per gotchi to play the game, which is great, in principle. My assumption is that it is uneffective in practice and also not desirable to pet each gotchi individually, here is why:

  1. Someone who spends 100k+ USD on NFTs can spend a few hours or pay someone to write a script that will save time every day. So at the end of the day you “penalize” more the holders of 7-15 gotchis than the “whales”. The result is that you trade a quality of life feature for the perception of fairness, perception only.

  2. And to be fair, do we really want this “point click gotchi → point click pet → confirm tx on meta mask → return to previous webpage → repeat for X gotchi” to be at the core of the gameplay of Aavegotchi ?

B. Personal experience :

As you can imagine, I own many gotchis, I’ve been spending more than 2 hours per day trying to pet them all and I couldn’t pet them all twice per day. There are many bugs with the web app, one being my aavegotchi don’t load, so it’s really frustrating and sometimes it can take 10 minutes of me refreshing the page etc. before petting a Gotchi.

C. View on petting goal and Pet All feature

My view is that petting should be a mean to make the app sticky and reward long term and regular engagement from users. Unless we want petting to be more than that, like a mini-game or a core feature of the game, it make sense to have a Pet All feature. Also, thinking longer term, we will all eventually have many gotchis and Pet All will probably end up being implemented anyway.

I tried to remain objective but I am obviously biased by my experience. I’d like to know what is your experience with petting, what you think should be the goal of petting and the Pet All feature. Thanks for reading frens, curious to know what you think.


OMG a problem of rich people who owns too much portals krkrkrkrkrkrk

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People who have none or a few gotchis are all voting No for sure but one year down the road everybody will have 10+ gotchis and people are just shooting themselves in the foot by voting now just cuz they “hate the rich people”. I only have 6 atm so its easy for me to just pet them all but as time goes on it makes no sense to do that as the roster increases. And yea its easy for the whales to make a auto petting script anyway they wont even need to move a finger.

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I also understand the average player’s perception that forcing everyone to pet their gotchi’s individually levels the playing field, but as someone who owns less than 10 gotchis, I would also love a ‘pet all’ option.

I’m assuming a sizable majority of players (if not virtually everyone) came to the Polygon network by way of Ethereum Mainnet, and I think it’s important to keep in mind how much money it would cost everyone to submit two ETH transactions daily just to interact with one pet. Yeah, I know tx with MATIC are ridiculously cheap, but executing so many tx just to pet my gotchi still feels wasteful, and at this early stage we don’t know how congested the network can get, or how expensive the MATIC token might get. Of course there’s now way the cost will ever approach ETH gas fees, but I tend to like things that are engineered efficiently.

I’m also of the opinion that little QoL upgrades like this shouldn’t even be put to a vote. I trust the team to make smart decisions, especially when it comes to UI and small mechanics like this. I mean, we’ve gotten this far, haven’t we?

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Agreed pet all is a good feature and will save tons of transaction on chain so it is definitely needed.

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sounds good, keeping it fair, and still fun, you can choose.

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I originally voted no to this idea, but after reading your post and considering what you have said, I have changed my mind.

Pet all is a great idea and would reduce the tedium that this game could grow into as people accumulate more and more gotchis.

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Pet all is a great idea

Only if you are a whale. And it has nothing to do with transactions. It is all about the Kinship implementation. In particular, how two mechanics work together:

The way they implemented Kinship ensures that you can never actually farm 2 Kinship in 24h using interactions. Because it only counts after 12h have already elapsed. So at best, you lose a few seconds (due to the transaction) every time, which slowly shifts your petting times.

So what? You would still have this shift with a “Pet all” transaction.

The issue here is that the Wiki states that rewards are handed out on a per gotchi and NOT on a per user basis. So if people who buy up Gotchis can pet ALL of their Gotchis as fast as other people can pet their single Gotchi, it would be completely unfair. They buy up the portals, can afford potions AND get to pet them all at once?? C’mon, that is just not fair at all.

I see your point, but the transactions man…the transactions! Soo many. Not good.

Well, well, well. People who claim this is mainly to reduce transactions on the network should have no problem with other solutions that would do the exact same, right? The devs could implement a “cart” like system, similar to the Maall. You would have to add every single one of your Gotchis to the “petting cart” (there is a better name for this out there, I’m sure) individually. And then you can click “Pet all in cart”, which would pet all Gotchis in the petting cart with one transaction.

Noooo…horrible idea. Whales would just use a bot that adds all of them in the cart at once, so you would only punish the people who have many Gotchis but no programming experience.

Whales can do this with the current system already, so there would be no difference here. Also, this would not be a “punishment”. You want Kinship rewards for all of your 25 Gotchis (which takes those rewards away from other people), then you have to pet them all one by one. That is perfectly fair.

Still…I ain’t got time for petting them all individually. And I don’t care about the rewards!

Well, in that case the solution is very easy. Make the devs limit rewards to per user instead of per Gotchi. Because then a “pet all” feature would no longer be an unfair advantage.

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I disagree petting should be done individually
on the main page of all your gotchis there could be a button underneath all of them to do it more quickly

or to deter whales from making scripts make a pet all cost 1 ghost per 10 gotchis
a script may still save them money but many will probably not care.
The benefit from this is we could use this ghst to reward people in minigames.


This would have been a guality of life update. No reason to reject it.

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  • “Whales can do this with the current system already, so there would be no difference”:
    Because “whales” can do that already, there is no point of adding the feature to every users? What you say is that we should leave to whales only the capability to pet all.
  • “You want kinship reward, then you have to pet all one by one, that is perfectly fair”.
    If we had to pet the gotchi 24 times per day, it would still be fair for someone to have to pet his 10 gotchis 240 times per day. But is this what we want in terms of gameplay ? It’s not because something is “fair” that it is necessarily desirable.

This is simply impossible unless we add KYC. “Whales” will just spread their gotchi on many adresses if one address = one user.

I agree this could be a cool alternative, having something similar to batch portal, let’ call it “batch pet”. The thing is, the goal of “batch bet” is the exact same as pet all: pet many Gochis at once and potentially reduce number of txs, just less convenient.

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Yes, a “previous” and “next” button under gotchis to switch between gotchi in your inventory would be a cool feature. It reduce the number of steps to pet each gotchis.


Right now that is all the gameplay there is. I’m sure we all want more and the devs are probably working on it as we speak.

And then, for each address, they could automate the petting with scripts. I see. I did not think about that. I guess there’s always gonna be a way to get an advantage with automating/scripting the game instead of playing it.

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