Open up NFT displays to all Polygon NFTs

Well - it seems very exclusionary to only allow Gotchi NFTs to display on parcels. Let’s open it up to all Polygon based NFTs :slight_smile:


I too would love to display other non-aavegotchi stuff in the gotchiverse, Polygon + Mainnet would be great. Flexing some Artblocks pieces in the gotchiverse would be so nice!


This is definitely something we have planned! Not necessary for a DAO vote.

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Cool - good to know. Thks

Opening the displays for all nfts will crash the Fakegotchi collection prices.
I’m against this.

Also it would mean that gotchiverse would miss some opportunities for bringing some communities in with selective exclusive inclusions.

On OS anyone can mint anything for the cost of couple of cents. Also fakeFakes and whatever.

Or we can consider charging a display fee for a non-fake series NFT, which I’d be happy to pay

This can bring benefits to the DAO