Limit Fake Gotchis to be displayed in just one NFT Display

GM frens,

Currently, if we hold a Fake Gotchi we can display it in every NFT Display that we have.
One of the reasons to have this implemented like that is to be able to have it for sale in different laands. With the implementation of Fake Gotchis in the baazar, this turns out to be obsolete (you were able to still list it on the Fake Gotchi page) so there is no reason to go to the gotchiverse to buy it.

My idea is to limit them to just one NFT Display, by doing that there is a reason to buy more if you want to display the same in different laands, also people can follow a “Museum model”, where you encourage people to go to a specific laand to check them out, spending more in bounce gates, and making future 1 of 1’s more valuable.

What do you think frens?


If you want to show off a rare piece (whether it’s a FG or not), you might want to do that in more than one location. So I can see how some people might not like this suggestion. However, there are some great pros to this. It could fuel demand for owning duplicates, as well as your Museum idea. I think it’s worth considering.

I think the cons of this implementation, as you mention, would be for people who want to show it in more than one location, maybe following now the Museum idea and hosting their own version in multiple districts, but if we limit them by just 1 NFT display, we will provide more value and technically more scarcity
Currently, NTFs are not limited by the supply, but by how many NFTs displays you hold, plus if demand goes up it will be more attractive for recognized artists to jump on board (more sales, more rewards for all the parties, DAO included), plus more use for bouncing gates (burning more GLTR).
I am raising this concern because some artists will notice that people are displaying multiple times the same piece in the same environment, lowering the demand. What I mean by the same environment is that you can show the same NFT in Twitter, OS, etc, but they are technically limited by 1 per environment/app.
I feel the Gotchiverse as a top tier metaverse should follow the rules of uniqueness, I don’t dress multiple gotchis with the same wearable, I am encouraged to buy the same wearable if I want other gotchis to use it at the same time.

This certainly is an interesting topic. On one hand, people might feel limited, and there would be less art in the gotchiverse. On the other hand, It might be odd to see a 1/1 NFT displayed 100 times on a bunch of parcels owned by the same person. How do collectors of fake works feel?

I agree with you on this. My preference is to not allow someone to put the same instance of an NFT into multiple NFT displays.

EDIT: Relative to the other work on gameplay, while this change would be nice to have, I would consider it a lower priority

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I also lean towards one unique NFT per NFT display but there is definitely pro’s to both.

As an example. Right now with one fireball I could spam displays in the gotchiverse and pretend to be a fireball guild competitor to @yanik . Seems unfair that I could rep a wearable in 100s of displays if I only own one.

The “museum” 1 art piece per display makes a lot of sense to me.

Of course duplicate displays = more artist exposure and more alch burn (and no impact to dev time) and so huge reasons to leave as-is. It’s tough, will be interested to see how others feel.