Permanent & Farmable Alchemica Deposits in Citaadel

I didn’t buy any boosted parcels, but if someone bought a boosted parcel how would this benefit them as, if I am understanding this right, any gotchi would be able to come on their land (assuming they didn’t have walls) and take away their alchemica?

Can you clarify what you mean by permanent? Do you mean the boost could never be depleted by the gotchis standing in proximity?

in essence, the deposits you see in the map, would be regions emanating alchemica via spillover as explained above by @SlickBB .

an owner of boosted parcels would get no additional direct benefit, beyond their current boost.
The benefit would come from being near or right in front of these regions. The alchemica spillover would be a public good, but owners of these parcels would get the benefit of being near the deposit to pick it up themselves, plus additional foot traffic.

by “real and permanent”, it means that any deposits you see in the current map, would be the regions that do spillover (according to their alchemica type) and these regions and the map itself wouldn’t change after a replenishment or season, etc.


In the Cutaadels present state it appears that alchemica deposits are completely trafficable (i.e. some parcels are completely surrounded by alchemica). @coderdan could you comment on this?

Rather than a spillover mechanic perhaps alchemica deposits “bubble up” collectible alchemica to the surface. This would ensure these bonus alchemica remain public on accessible alchemica road ways (unless of course nearby owners wall off an entire estate, however this would likely be extremely cost prohibitive initially).

The added advantage of alchemica “bubble up” is potential to give non boost deposits (various ponds, lakes etc not currently attached to parcels) the ability to generate alchemica and draw attention to what will be interesting features throughout the citaadel.


Yes that’s right, alchemica will not have collisions, so you’ll be able to walk on them.

I think alchemica bubbling up from the alchemica deposits is an interesting idea and is fairly doable. The questions are how much and how often?


Turning problems into solutions, love it frens :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


0.1c originally proposed 5x boost (4x additional) so I would propose to leave boosts as are and use the remaining 4x to support bubble ups. Over the course of Act 1 (2 years I believe) you would end up with the following approximate bubble ups per week for each type of boost deposit. I would then split this up into 2-3 completely random bubble up events per week for each individual block deposit.

A slow random release of this alchemica over 2 years would also encourage those who purchased near boosts to hold which I think both sides can agree is a good thing.


I personally think those that voted “no” (including me) over-reacted and over-estimated just how much the 5x actually added. If you took a spacious parcel as an example, boosting the boost increased the average alchemica yield (of all 4 types) from 3% to 15%. This is still a very minute difference and something the pie charts perhaps didn’t convey in the medium post (as the examples were purely boost vs one of the alchemicas and not all).

Below is what the 5x boosted boosts actually look like in terms of % premium for a spacious if you were to loosely convert all the alchemica types into kek.

In a similar fashion 5x boosts for reasonable are approx 50% and humble are 141% assuming they are completely surrounded (which most aren’t of course).

Bearing this in mind, perhaps if the community were open to “Bubble Ups” they wouldn’t mind increasing the bubble up quantity if PC’s proposed 5x was actually conservative?


Maybe we need to factor in the current total amount of boosts of each Alchemia in the Citadeel so that we can “do the math” properly?

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I agree fren. If the proposed numbers were for the benefit if individual parcels, now that the bubble ups would be a public good, maybe 3X the amount of alchemica (or 15X that of a boost) would be a better number. Bubbling/spawning should be randomized and spread out through the map, enough to encourage roaming and discourage botting.

good point. we actually should do the math based on amount of alchemica/colored pixels in map.

all boosts are deposits but not all deposits are boosts (touching a parcel) :slight_smile:

Agree 100% -

I think most people are thinking that the proposal is to boost the value of boosts whereas it seems to me that it is more about keeping them in line with the general increases proposed in 0.1a (and which looks like having near universal support)

Love the “bubbling” idea. A nice compromise for resolving the underpowered bonuses issue that may also serve to attract other gotchis to these areas if the parcel has intentions other than just mining. Also, increases actual gameplay and engagement. Not sure what development of this does to the dev team though. Perhaps its something that doesn’t need to immediately drop with Round 1 if the timeline required to integrate this would take too long, but can be incorporated in a later round.

The algorithm seems like it could be a little tricky so the bubbling doesn’t seem predictable:
Perhaps at the beginning of each Round each pixel of boost alchemica generates a randomized release schedule. E.g. if the first round is 90 days long(129,600 minutes), The “bubble boost” would be divided by 90 and then each of these 90 bubble boost amounts is randomly assigned 1-129,600 to determine when the bubble boost would appear. It would also be cool to randomize a “spew” distance(instead of simply appearing above the pixel, but this would greatly complicate the algo. It would assign another randomized spew distance to the pixel(possible changing with each of the 90 releases) and another randomized assignment for location within the pixel range.

Having the alchemica “spew” out at random distances would be cool but seems a bit much at this stage. Maybe its just part of the lore. First it bubbles, and in later rounds begins spewing greater distances? Trouble brewing underneath the Citadel? Seismic? Lickquidator tunneling activity? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Proposing “bubble ups” is a great idea, especially on that point of adding long term value to boosted parcels. Alot of people will benefit from the Alchemica spillover function as it is, with “spillover” that will happen with the early builds of farming structures. Is what you are referring to a bit different? I imagine some kind of “Alchemica Boost Geyser” which would be kind of cool. Tons of people own parcels around boosts albeit not touching them

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@SlickBB with your calculations, shouldn’t this be taking into account 0.1A “base boost”? as that adds the 3x-4x average multiplier applied to all parcels in addition to the proposed boosted boosts? I imagine that would make the “Boosted Boosts” seem less relevant than people are upset about

A beginning brainstorm of other possible effects for deposits beyond simple boosts:

  • stat effects when walking over different alchemica types. Lickquidators could have their own effects. Consider the way it could drive strategy in the great battles and create rich PvP variation. Effects could last for some time, i.e. “let’s go visit the Aalpha district to pick up our 15 minute speed boost before tackling this dungeon”
  • boost speed of extraction for each matching alchemica type by a very small percent; if OP, create a downside (quicker extraction=lower total, for example)

I’ll keep adding to this as I think of things, and I’d love to hear anyone else’s ideas as well. We can move to a separate thread if there is enough discussion.


Now that we have experienced the most basic of verse gameplay, and 0.1c did not pass, it’s a good time to come back to this and decide what we think the alchemica deposits are for.

Personally, I love the idea of the deposits having higher chances of the appropriate alchemica appearing on them. There does not need to be more released overall, but the hotspots would be the deposits.

Additionally, alchemica speed is now a thing, and alchemical affinities are a popular option for eye abilities, so working on this topic in conjunction with the eyes, would be of great benefit.


I indeed understand the Alchemica depicted on the map as Alchemcia that is transpiring from the deposits/streams underground.
Encountering collectible Alchemica on/near these regions seems quite natural.
Being simply regions with a slightly higher probability of bubbled-up Alchemica they increase thus the passer-by-traffic-value of the adjacent parcels.

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This has branched off into a fresh Bubble Up Thread.

Lets go!