Player Movement Depth and Mechanics

While in the latest Play Drop (5/14/2022) I noticed a random but nice feature to the movement of my Gotchi.
This wasn’t a bug, but when the server was lagging due to the load, the character would “drift” into a turn. This was probably cause by the “cool off” slow down mechanism getting out of the stack order with the latest player commands. The effect was “drift” instead of the usual sharp 90 degree able movement. As I kept doing the one screen squares patterns and catching the motion occasionally, I found the movement more satisfying than the rigid 90 degree angle movements.

While we discuss improving the virtual skills (Gotchi traits), I would like to see similar discussion around the IRL play skills that could be improved with play.

If players were all scrambling for an alchemica “explosion” during channeling, Gotchi PVP defeat, or a Liquidator defeat, a secondary game ensues to collect the random drop of alchemica.

My proposal is to add layers to the skills needed for player movement in the game.
I feel this would deepen the IRL skill challenges to the player.
Note, I feel that “slippery ice” is too much (unless there is ICE in the world), a small amount of tester approved drift would add to the competition in the game.

Further to this point, it may be applicable to trade speed for dexterity with turning in the Gotchiverse.
Inertia where a character, as they continue on a highway at full speed could slightly increase speed if no turns are introduced, leading to a reduction in agility for the extra speed.

This could lead to enjoyable experiences of Gotchi’s piling up in a Alchemica bog from acquiring too much inertial during a race to a point on the map and not minding the built up speed.

The drift does not need to be excessive but I did notice the introduction of a “cool down” to the speed when the direction controller is release and not an immediate stop. The above proposals for discussion would just deepen the IRL skill game mechanic that Pixel Craft has already begun developing.


Here’s a visual of what a inertial drift movement might look like compared to normal 90 degree movement.


Love it, fren. Handling will make the game so much more dynamic and skill-based! I remember watching a documentary about Super Meat Boy and how much time they put into the details of the handling–and how important that was to mainstream success. I’m interested to try out different setting and see what feels best.


Agree its a cool mechanic. As far as I know “Handling” is still going to be incorporated. Just waiting on more info from PC regarding implementation. I know it was taken off EYC for the last trait sigprop but pretty sure it’s still coming. It just might be something else that affects it.

I did have a thought that it might be cool if handling could be tied to alchemica encumbrance. E.g. the more loaded up your gotchi gets with alchemica the heavier they are, the more inertia they have and the more they drift.

Makes for nice realism/lore that a gotchi gets more sluggish the more “full” they are. Would also make it trickier for players to dial in on their gotchis exact handling mechanism as it would constantly be changing.


Yeah, I was inspired by actually seeing the drift happen in the Gotchiverse when during sever stress on the last Saturday play drop weekly hangout.
I’m guessing the player action stack would occasionally keep the “slow down to stop” in one direction even though my Gotchi was moving 90 degrees to it, hence enabling the slide “drift” player control mechanic.
Was nicely enjoyable when it happened.

Full support. I don’t play regular FPS because point and click, insta run, is just not that interesting. Need acceleration, weapon travel times, anything that makes playing the game an art, not just repetitive.

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