Power to the Liquidators - And a proposal for monthly rent on REALM

Power to the Liquidators

The release of the Gotchiverse Realm Litepaper v1.0 revealed an expansive world with the debut of the liquidator as the free to play on ramp to the Gotchiverse. The lore, gameplay, farming, and timeline are all built around interactions between the liquidators and the gotchis. It is imperative that there is balance and advocacy in decision making around this relationship. Naturally, aavegotchi investors will tailor their decision making and voting power around their financial and time-vested interests. A worthy and dynamic opponent will make this game balanced and more fun as the OGs build a world protecting their investments from excited newcomers or old schoolers gone rogue. To advocate for balance in this relationship, I would like to find likeminded people to advocate with me for the liquidator’s interests.

The decisions we make now regarding land ownership, value accrual, installation metrics, aadventures, and more are key to the future success of the project. It will be difficult to reverse decisions, impose new taxes, invent new rents, or introduce other balancing mechanisms after the world is already created. I would like to propose several ideas for discussion around this balance, and I hope for feedback from everyone!

There should be a monthly fee paid in GHST for parcels. I propose an initial monthly rent of 0.1 GHST/realm (6 GHST/month for Humble, 15 GHST/month for Reasonably Sized, and 100GHST/month for Spacious Parcels). I propose this monthly fee go live for respective REALM at the same time the Citaadel and Grid REALMs go live.

I see the following as advantages for a monthly realm fee:

  • Increase the cost for whales who will try to buy up all REALM ahead of time
  • For people that leave or quit the game, their REALM can go back up for aauction
  • Encourages productivity and engagement in your REALM as ideally you can easily pay your rent by farming your land.
  • Adds to the pot for rewards
  • Allows a mechanism for GHST accrual to be made available to the liquidators
  • Citaadel REALM monthly rent can be accrued and spent by the Citaadel inhabitants or government however it sees fit
    • This creates fun city governance opportunities for Citaadel participants to run their economy, decorate the city, build new structures, strategically protect the portal, or other fun, novel ideas which will surely present themselves
  • Grid REALM monthly rent can be collected and distributed among the Grid with a variety of opportunities for the liquidators to seek, earn, and acquire it.
    • This would give liquidators access to GHST lowering the threshold to participate in gotchus alchemica liquidity pools, to buy land, a gotchi, wearables, or whatever they want.
    • This incentivizes active gameplay and discovery throughout the gotchiverse as GHST can be earned, found, and re-invested into the ecosystem in a F2P fashion.

In summary, I plan to put my 100K GHST voting power towards consistent advocacy for the liquiditators and world balance. I hope to convince some of you to join me as we expand our reach and lower the threshold to new participants. If there is enough interest, we could investigate a Liquidator DAO to most efficiently pool our votes and interests to affect change most meaningfully.

Thanks everyone!

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I like the idea as it forces players to be active. My only reserves are empowering the liquidators with our ghst. I’m not sure it is the best move to further incentivize free play when free play already has pretty great incentives.

Save the ghst for the reward pool in my opinion.

GHST powers the ecosystem. That’s the whole point of GHST. You want to selectively exclude F2P people from the entire ecosystem by siloing the resources to the OGs. This is precisely the reason I want thoughtful mechanisms and discussion around the topic.

I understand that, liquidators get to roam the game world and earn the spill over. In doing so they get to learn the world whilst earning rewards.
They are paid for their time and they are learning about the reaalm all for free.
I guess I am just curious why you think the liquidators need more potential. Are you encouraging players to stay as liquidators for longer periods of time as a balance thing?

Much like cryptocurrency in general, this project will be successful through adoption. I am hoping this this world offers such significant potential that it’s difficult not to play it. Also, steamrolling powerless liquidators will not be fun for 9 battles in a row. The OG’s hold all the GHST, all the wearables, all the gotchi’s, all the land, all the voting power. The game posits that they face aimlessly wondering and powerless liquidators. This is hyperbole, but my point is that the liquidators need advocacy both to attract new players and to add meaning to the game as an opponent.


That is a very good point about the wearables, I see your side now. I also like the idea off too great not too play! lol good thinking and ty for explaining ser

So a land tax basically, not sure why you should have to rent something you already own. 100 GHST per month is ~$1200 USD a year you have to pay to keep a land parcel that you already purchased with GHST via auctions or raffle tickets. Disagree with this.

Liquidators would be able to acquire GHST by collecting Alchemica and trading that for GHST.

If there ever is a tax proposed, I think it should be used solely to fund the game hosting infrastructure and should be a tax levied against both the liquidators and land holders equally.


Sounds like you want to institute property taxes. While we’re at it, let’s do exactly the same thing with Godlike, Mythical, and Legendary wearables, right? Replace the appropriate words in your list and you can make most of the same arguments, except for wearables. Maybe we can even start taxing large GHST holders to encourage them to spend in the ecosystem! Don’t worry, your 100k GHST will only be reduced by 1% each month to help pay for the liquidators’ profits.

There are enough taxes in the real world, and everyone hates them. Why introduce such a huge turn off, a feature that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths no matter how far ahead they end up by farming?

What are you talking about saying that OGs want to exclude F2P players from GHST? I could just as easily say that you want to rob anyone who came before you without taking any of the risk. But that’s not a very good conversation, because it makes different groups of people in aavegotchi enemies before the game has even begun! Pitting whales against guppies against F2P folks is small-minded. We want synergy, not class warfare. Growth, not fighting over who will fund the others.

Pixelcraft has been very clear that adoption is the primary goal. You don’t think they are smart enough to make playing as a liquidator more than getting wrecked over and over until you quit with no profit?

Remember that land spills its alchemica onto neighboring parcels, which liquidators and roaming gotchis alike can collect. That’s the whole point of F2P: an entry point that lets you build GHST until you can buy something else. And remember the whole point of the aauction system is to allow everyone, no matter how small, to win and build.

You are right that playing as a liquidator needs to be fun and rewarding. Absolutely! I want to play as a liquidator too. But, please, let’s not try to fix problems that don’t exist yet. The devs and much of the community already agrees with your philosophy.


Instead of taxing the land could there be a portion of the alchemica used for common good. Can liguitators act as land owners and build installations that benefit them? If not, maybe they should?

I’m not going to get into a bunch of financial jargon. I live in New Jersey that means I pay some of the most outrageous taxes in the USA. I will sell if I’m forced to pay taxes on digital land. End of story.

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I’m also not for taxing NFTs. Many of us got into crypto because of our loathing for the traditional system.

Keep in mind that a portion of the Alchemica mined via Haarvesters will also go to the Great Portal, which is the centerpiece of the 9 Great Battles. Liquidators that manage to enter the GP during a battle will claim a share of the Alchemica within.

Obviously that won’t be applicable for normal gameplay, but I think during normal times there will be plenty of yield up for grabs by Liquidators.

I do appreciate the advocacy of Liquidators, but I think it’s a bit too early, and imposing rent/taxes on REALM isn’t the right approach IMO. Thanks for taking the time to make this post though!


I like the effort. Absolutely abhor the result. There are too many negatives to what you suggest including risks that far outweigh Aavegotchi’s core goals.

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