Everything inflationairy


A lot of thoughts have crossed my mind the past few months about this projects. i believe the project has created vulnerabilities for its investors.

i will list them here and will get into detail on both of them

  1. farm it to 0 mechanism
  2. inflationairy all around (not only alchemica)

The “farm it to 0 mechanism” this one speaks for itself… we farm, but for what exactly? to either exchange alchemica to another asset, or to craft. first of all, let it be clear which one of the two options is the most popular one… but let’s say one chooses to craft (which obviously does happen as well :slight_smile: ), what exactly are they crafting for? The crafters are paying to make their parcel look good and what not… this is essentially either what they enjoy to do, or they consider it a bet on the future of aavegotchi, believing that one day, their installations/decorations/tiles or which ever they decided to craft, will be viewed by players within the game and that they might (hopefully :smiley: ) be admired for having the glorious parcel they do.

But the reality is today that there is little to no reason (except for saturdays, (they are imo a nice teaser of what meaningful and engaging social activity within the gotchiverse might feel and look like)) to be in the gotchiverse, except to go and empty your reservoirs or to channel, which are simply two financially incentivized activities, which then either way results in one of the two previously mentioned scenarios: craft or dump.

As much as i am a huge fan of aavegotchi as a whole, i cant deny that the situation this project finds itself in, is in essence no different than the regular ponzi p2e game… the only difference i can think of is that due to our slower ROI, we will have a longer breath before dying/going to zero… Don’t get me wrong, i don’t believe we will die or it will go to zero. i am just observing this situation objectively and this is my well considered conclusion.

What i do believe is that this project has now put a lot of pressure on itself (i think of it as a timer). We simply need to need alchemica for something in the game, or else this will not survive. poeple need to obtain value from farming it so that they can use it in the game for something that has a lifespan, such a thing as: spend 1 KEK for a 10 sec sprint. Alchemica ‘sinks’ as of now are just allocating alchemica inflation towards another place. Because the simple reality is that there is only so much money, the more assets you release, the more everything else will devalue, unless more money buys in. If this is the mission of the protocol than that is fine and this whole topic can be considered unvaluable for you.

A quote that comes to my mind here, considering that this project is according to its own employees/developers statements the big innovator in the space. (which i respect and admire wether or not i would be involved as spectator)

“It ain’t about who did it first :white_check_mark:
It’s about who did it right”

The first can be checked off, but i hope this project can be both :slight_smile:


TLDR - we need combat.


Its not a game until I can force transfer of coins from someone I beat at something other than out spending them or causing new tokens to be minted for me to have.

Combat covers that, but so does the arcade, if we actually make it real.


Would ghst be inflationary because of waning interest on the protocol? You only mention why alchemica is devaluating. I see alechemica is reaching a acceptible price point. When it is not worth it to channel and dump, equilibrium is reached. When people buy in for the sake of crafting a thing… we are most likely the same people :slight_smile: price tics and the dumping resumes. There is no right or wrong price on the market. I do not understand why ghst would be infationary under the current environment, as long as the curve is maintained.

Apparently the early OGs who used alchemy to upgrade towers and floor tiles were exploited.If the price reaches an unprofitable balance, then OG loses out.
But it doesn’t matter, just like land, many OGs have lost a lot, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact.

They said that when the battle system is open, many people will come to play. In fact, it is also a long-term fantasy. There are already many games in this era. If you lack the halving mechanism like btc or the deflationary mechanism of eth, no one will come to play. If there are no economic factors, no one will play this game, because for outsiders, how to use a wallet is a problem. Not to mention complex aavegotchi.

slower ROI is a bug. Land development should earn about 40% after one round of digging, and then dig it all out in 2 months. After digging, if you want to continue digging, you have to dig new land, so that everything can be recycled. Assuming that I dug a piece of land in 2 months, then I can use alchemy to dig 2 new pieces of land in 2 months, plus 60% of the alchemy purchased. In this way, the alliance will become bigger and bigger, and more and more land will be developed. Now this slower ROI is just a slow death, no one needs to dig new land, so the land depreciates.

Doesn’t the slower ROI pave out the dev timeline? If ROI were as fast as you’re suggesting, the game would have been over already no?

In fact, it will not, it will only accelerate the development of land and increase the demand for land.

I agree 100% we need meaningful gameplay from the Gotchiverse and, hopefully, other games built on the protocol if we will succeed. My proposal for the Forge creates a deflationary mechanic on the wearable market and gotchis. It also paves the way for fun loot and prizes which will add additional meaning to the PVP and PVE experience. We are very dependent on Pixelcraft to put forward a fun product, but we can also contribute from the DAO side of the ecosystem to achieve your goal of a fun game with healthy economic loops.


I would not put all the hopes on pvp. It sounds a
Lot like pay to win with Godlikes getting additional allocations on top rarity farming. A fun pve would be a more approachable for many.


Sorry to agree with that.

We need not only combat mechanism, but also invest on marketing, the problem with this project are that they don’t want to understand that they need to use money to make money.

They need to understand that until new users doesn’t come into the project, they are trying to sell stuffs to their OG investors… instead to sell them to new ones!

But, I think is useless, cause they’ll continue to not spend a penny on ads, thinking they are the king of marketing strategy, is ok to have inflation, but if we don’t push new investors on the project, we’ll still taking money each from the other, giving a % to PC to ruining our lives into this loop.

So, please, push new investors, with ads.

current macro and crypto environment means that the number of “new investors” to market to is very low if not un meaningful. this is a very niche and complex product from a consumer side standpoint.

My feeling is the best investment of time and money from pixelcraft is to continue putting maximum effort into building more and more value in form of functionality and developer value. the time for marketing is when the pot is heating up and overall interest in blockchain space is rising not when its cooling off.

@stedari is correct that the best use of our brain power and creativity is to provide support to dao lead conversations and initiatives to get community organic gameplay loop adds and improvements.

This is so that rather than spending so much time planning and designing these complex loops and systems our hardworking developers can work more focused writing lines of coding logic and smart contracts to keep our development moat strong and intact for the next market cycle.


if the current inflationary systems for adding more complex forms of engaging with the products of the platform don’t look right we could try to articulate out what deflationary models would be healthy and scalable but with emphasis on a simplicity of implementation standpoint.

there is already a lot of pipeline projects underway from development as usual and they are the professionals so their self defined goals and initiatives are not without importance. its important that when we put new votes through that call for development overhead its straightforwardness of implementation isn’t an wrench in the cogs of the pixelcraft team. this will give us the most throughput from our developers across long runs of time.

The current push with the forge is an attempt to get the machinery of DAO as Auxiliary Dev Squad moving so that DAO requests are handled by the DAO if possible(and to raise the bar of ‘possible’.)

i saw this and think its totally awesome and well thought out. would love to be able as a dao to systemize this process further so that more action items get tackled in such a manner. huge community value adds.

I think one of the big problems is that we cannot attract new investors with no game and a poor farming mechanism. We aren’t having new raffles as we have sunset the raffle mechanism and no one wants to release new wearables or land. The wearables are no longer in demand, the inflation is off the chain for early investors. People (I’ll speak for myself but know there are others) are slowly losing confidence in this project and are divesting. We can’t fix voting, botting, wearable set gaps, etc. I really believe PC didn’t “do the math” before releasing all of this and now we’re in a pickle. The gotchi to land ratio is stupid. The “community calls” are the same 5 people speaking and patting each other on the back and ignoring the small few who want to talk about how to fix these early things. I asked for five calls straight to fix the link set before the one line of code was changed LOL. PC talks about shipping all the time, but isn’t shipping anything that makes money, just things that will make THEM money, or people who have figured out how to make money off of the game, like the arbitrage, the Vault, and Nofuturistic LOL. The gas fees are stupid, we can’t get a “collect all” button but still have the survey parcel button. You have to go to five or six places to figure out wtf is going on in this game, and even if you put your suggestions, they are ignored. Even the small players can see that they’re not making any money on this game and it’s all just one big sink. The rewards are not fun and are not drawing participation anymore and really only are big winners for big players, further isolating the small player. I recall the first rarity farming call I was on and had so much fun with. I know all of you will say ughghg bear market meeh. I don’t know if any marketing will help, as PC wants whales but no whale will invest in this. And as a small player, I won’t either until I at least break even and have a FUN game to play that MAKES SENSE. I know you all think I just bitch to bitch, but I’m bitching about some fundamental issues with this game that shouldn’t be ignored. I’m not a dev, so I don’t know how to fix it. I’m not a statistician so I don’t know how to do the big picture math. I am just a person who likes to play fun games and spend a little money on them, but would rather play a game that MAKES money instead of TAKES money. I’d like to see the devs off the calls until they figure out the game. It’s such a waste of time and infuriating to me to hear them taking suggestions such as how to make parcels play music as you run across them and new features that apply to artists (which I’m not). I’m beyond frustrated with this game. PLEASE make this game make sense.

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Wow, there’s a lot wrong here.

We’re having a raffle for FAKE gotchi cards soon.

Welcome to a bear market.

Voting is mostly fine, I heard the vault has issues with one of their wallets and occasionally you need to refresh the page a few times to get it to work, but I haven’t had issues in a while.

This should be getting better with the set vote/forge.

This makes no sense. Land isn’t just for channeling. We don’t need 24 gotchis (level 9 altar) per parcel.

Feel free to raise your hand, I have never heard of anyone who isn’t allowed to speak.

I don’t think PC will make any money from FAKE gotchis other than taking a percent of bazaar sales. The raffle is for FRENS which they don’t make money off of and the community will sell art to each other.


My collection value has been going up since they launched the verse. I started with 1 parcel and 1 gotchi and have only increased my bag by reinvesting.

New thing + bull market is better than reoccuring thing + bear market.

Yes, a bear market is a real thing, you can’t just play it off like it isn’t lol. Go check out any community and compare it to the bull market, it isn’t the same thing

The thing is, you aren’t saying anything that isn’t either A) wrong or B) the devs and the rest of the community already know. Dan has said multiple times that combat is the next big release they will be pushing.

You realize that the calls are on the weekend? Outside of normal working hours. Most people love that the devs are so accessible, you’re just a very negative person, and that’s coming from someone who is also a negative person. You should touch some grass.

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I knew this would be the response. You are special.

What? A detailed answer to most of your criticisms?

No-an asshole minimizing dismissive go sit in a corner response. Not actually acknowledging anything I said. Not one of my NFTs has increased in value soooo. And I don’t care about fake gotchis. MEH.

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