After looking in to Somnium Space VR with the twitter announcement the other day, I think the dao should buy at least an XL parcel(s) at least, probably a whole world(s). There is a lot of discussion that I think would be great to do and get on board before the costs gets much higher. Im really just learning about the VR spaces and think Somnium space looks the most refined and clean.
Just a thought and would love to hear about pros and cons of each platform like CryptoVoxels, Decentraland, sandbox , etc…
Thanks for your consideration.

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although i am not certain that vr is the best platform for the gotchi expirience no reason why ecosystem could include vr games but for gotchi interaction a mobile platform makes the most sense to me. casual interaction with incentivization of smarter banking for users.

Aavegotchi ecosystem is based on a 2D environment and a pixelated style. VR can lead to a worse experience for this game and make it less funny because of the high expectations of a 3D world.

Furthermore using the Somnium Space will advantage the users of this system who already own some lands/parcels which could be the initial intention of this proposal…