The utility of Parcel on Aavegotchi Realm

Hi guys!

I am Snoview and really happy to share many ideas in Aavegotchi DAO

In this article I hope to share ideas of parcels in Realm each other.

I hope that after the launch and development of Aavegotchi we can buy the land in Kingdom like LAND of Sandbox games. Also If each parcel allowed to communicate with smart contract, we can make very fantastic functions and utility in games

How about this idea? I want to talk about it.



Great topic Snoview! Looking forward to seeing some discussion on this topic. What would be a killer feature you’d love to see in Aavegotchi Realm?


I think the key point is we can do many “social” activities on Realm. Many NFT projects and their resources(e.g. cards or just items) can be just hodl by users or owner. Still many NFT collectors might not think we can do more things with NFT, just consider it as investment. But with Aavegotchi, we can do more productive works and can feel what we do with NFT.

Actually I don’t have much detail information about Realm. Most of it comes from the whitepaper. But I remember that it mentioned its utility and parcel. And it emphasizes the sociability of gotchis. It can make the view of Aavegotchi world more plentiful.

From this view, I think the team can utilizes the parcel such as LAND of the SANDBOX. Not only users can communicate with many gotchis, but also The people who bought the parcel on the Realm can make more energetic atmosphere to Aavegotchi. That is “Vital Power” of the ecosystem.

I hope the team provides the manual of controlling their own parcels to owners which enable users to applying smart contract for parcels. For this, they can make their own minigames, bet the games between gotchis, open their own nft market, or can build the house. I’m sure that this try can let Aaveotchi more unique from other projects.