Proposal: Random season prizes

Until mini games develop, many people with low BRS gotchis and no god-like wearables are feeling like they aren’t going to be involved in season 1. This is leading to people selling their gotchis cheaply, not opening portals, or becoming uninvolved with the project. This proposal suggests that we add a randomly distributed prize to one or more lucky gotchis/wallets at the end of the season. For example, at the end of season 1, one random gotchi will receive 15k GHST just for playing. This could be a high BRS gotchi, a low BRS, or somewhere in the middle. This will encourage people to hold their gotchis (which would essentially become non-burnable raffle tickets), increase the floor price for gotchis, and encourage people to open portals. This would be accomplished at a relatively low cost to the project.


Seems fair enough, feels way too much like pay to win just now…

Sounds like the start of a good idea.

I like this idea. And to expand on it further, should there be a maximum BRS cut-off to qualify? Since most 530+ gotchis are likely planning on competing in rarity farming, maybe we could set the threshold at a specific BRS rating to make sure the lower BRS gotchis are the only ones in consideration for this “consolidation prize” so to speak.

Any thoughts on this?


Definitely an interesting idea! I think the best ideas are the simplest, so personally I’d stick with just making everyone eligible. Otherwise it’s too difficult to make that cutoff determination.

Thoughts on giving out 3 prizes? A 10k, a 5k, and a 1k?

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I think i have a solution, I discussed something like this in my post above.
TLDR: use treasury to buy cheap stuff from bazaar → give out as rare minigame rewards regardless of how good your gotchi is. This makes every gotchi valueable and rewarding.


I don’t see the reason to introduce a random season prize honestly :thinking:
If every season every user can be eligible to get a random prize (especially of the size of hundreds of GHST) this will to introduce more fake user in the Aavegotchi ecosystem making the experience to get even worse for the real gotchi fans :frowning_face:

I my opinion a random prize can be given (maybe every season) to the most active users in someway that I’ve not already imagined :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks like your idea makes sense

Yes I agree. This seems like it will keep things more interesting for everyone :slight_smile: More engagement!

i like the idea of gotchis acting as a non burnable raffle ticket. I would much prefer the access the gotchi provides be to deeper game mechanics than the more diluting speculative ones. maybe like another layer to the game where you can accumulate an unburnable inventory or history of in game performances like feats of strength / achievements from world of warcraft where its not more dilutive to value.

yeah i like this idea too

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You may have misunderstood the proposal – a random prize is given out to the holder of one aavegotchi. So there is no way for “fake users” to get the prize – only someone holding a gotchi is eligible. This raises base price for gotchi and incentivizes people to hold

I have incorporated this concept into a new proposal:

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Until metrics releases, with RF conditions and boards, i bought 2 gotchis under 450 brs, rekt.

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Great idea! This makes sense for season 1, since there are no minigames or ARS yet, so there are definitely very little incentives to buy or hold low level gotchis. I can’t say I support it for the future because we need to see how things move forward, but I definitely agree with doing this for season 1.

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