Using the treasury to buy bazaar items to redistribute in minigames! 🎁

Already discussed this in :

But i thought this topic is so big on it’s own that maybe it’s better to have this discussed on it’s own. :ghost:

The idea is that we use a small portion of the treasury to buy the cheapest portals, opened portals, gotchis, wearables, tickets you name it!
To redistribute as rare minigame rewards! :gift: :sparkles: :sparkles:
This would not only make the game more rewarding, but also ensure items, gotchi’s and portals will always keep some sort of base value!
I think this would add HUGE incentive to play the game for even players with lower scored gotchis.

what the pie chart of spending would look like I’m not sure, but it should be a healthy mix of everything.
Obviously I’m only saying we use a small portion of the treasury and nothing too crazy.
so this is either weekly or monthly depending on how much the bazaar income is:
1-2 portals
1-2 gotchis :ghost: :ghost:
25-100 wearables :tshirt: :running_shirt_with_sash:
5-10 consumables (depending on if consumables stay as rare as they are) otherwise more. :tropical_drink:
100-1k tickets if a raffle is coming up. :tickets: :tickets:
(I’d say stick to a ratio like 55% common, 25% uncommon, 10% rare ,5% legend, 3% mythic and 2% godlikes) as far as tickets are concerned.

I honestly think this is doable to do weekly without breaking the bank. but should obviously be scaled to however much the bazaar income is.

Anyway, this is the best thing i could come up with to do with the treasury and i hope you guys like my idea! :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:
Tell me what you think!