Proposal To Reimburse Everyone From The Dao Treasury Who Payed Exorbitant Gas Fees By Following The Wiki About How To Purchase & Tx aTokens & To Update The Wiki ASAP To Save Noobs Hundreds of $

The wiki says that you should go to AAVE’s website, purchase aTokens and bridge them with for maTokens when you could just go to quickswap and tradee GHST for any maToken and pay a fraction of a fraction of the cost. I ended up paying $400 in gas fees following what the wiki said before I figured out how to just buy maTokens via quickswap on layer 2.

YES I’m a noob, but we need to be able to have a process that is welcoming to noobs if we are to build this thing to the moon. Do we want to potentially price out potential noobs because they don’t have the experience yet or do we want any experience level of crypto user to have access to Aavegotchi if they want?

Aavegotchis is associated with Aave, so it’s good that they are promoting the use of a system that they believe in and that believes in them.

The devs have done tonnes of work to lower fees by moving us to L2.

I think we can all be responsible for our selves.

I am sorry that you spent that much but that is on you. We have all been there, and this are learning experiences. Be responsible for your own actions and don’t expect to be compensated if you made mistakes.

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I disagree with reimbursing (sorry ‘bout your fees fren, I spent a bit much myself).

I do agree there’s nothing wrong with updating the wiki to explain quickswap as an additional option.

Frustration is a sure way to decrease positive word of mouth / grass-roots sharing among users seeking to fren-vangelize others.