Proposal for formal response to confirmed transactions that did not receive the portal

This is sort of a pain I even had to come to the forum and make a proposal to get the devs or admin staff to respond to issues with the launch but here I am.

I have seen many users on Discord have their transactions confirmed when buying the portal but not receive one.

I request a response from the admin staff and a run down on exactly what happened here? Was it because once the transactions were confirmed there were no portals left to give?

I have seen so many people wanting to participate, get up early and show an interest in the project, to have an issue like this and be ignored I do not feel is right (there has been no response on Discord to all the Qs about it). If there was a formal explanation I would love to be linked to it, I have searched very hard for this answer, which is why I’m making this proposal for a formal response from staff about this issue.


I also inquired about this in Discord today, to no avail. I don’t really understand the tech, but been going through block details and trying to wrap my mind around as to why there’re no token transfers, when the transactions are clearly confirmed and are still more tokens left to distribute

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Yeah I agree, I encourage you to share this proposal in the discord support, chat and to anyone who experienced the same issue, there were many. Maybe if we get enough votes and traction there will be a response.

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Just out of curiosity, how many portals were you buying? I was personally buying just one, as was someone else complaining about the same issue. It’s just a wild idea, and most likely wrong one, that buying higher amounts would’ve been somehow prioritized. Only asking so I can dismiss it :slight_smile:

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At which stage of the transaction? Did people get through the approval, and then get to the second confirm pop up in their hot wallet (metamask etc) but after confirming that transaction it did not succeed on the matic mainnet?

Is this not just that you were behind other people and by the time the matic mainnet had processed the transaction there were no tokens left?

It’s probaly nothing to do with the devs, as the aavegotchi website would not have shown fewer portals until the matic transactions were complete surely?

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It’s not like buying something from a normal shop where if they have a stock error they have some kind of duty to compensate. it’s blockchain

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Feel free to drop your confirmed TXIDs in here and we’ll have a look. If there’s a confirmed transaction ID that took your GHST but did not give you a Portal, that’s of course something we will look into. Haven’t seen that case so far yet tho.


good job on the L2 decision. If people had paid the massive gas fees and not got portals it would have been mayhem

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