Rarity farming payouts

I’m a pretty new member to the Gotchi Gang (about a month), and I just went through my first rarity farming. I never expected much reward, if anything, but I just wanted to express how it feels for those of us outside of the top 5000.

It doesn’t feel unfair in any way, but it does feel sort of unattainable. Kind of like what’s the point in trying to spend a ton of money and time to beef my gotchi up because I’ll never catch up.

I think if a small portion of the payout was reserved for the rest of the gotchis, it would make everyone feel like they were climbing a latter rather reaching for an unattainable rung. Like even if I had gotten 1 ghst, it would make me feel much more a part of the event and would incentivize me to try harder and buy more wearables, etc, even if I completely understand I’m spending $500 to generate 2 extra ghst during RF.

Just a thought.


Hello fren :slight_smile:
BRS is not the only leaderboard. You could easily get into the top 5k by simply petting your Gotchi twice a day. Except for a tiny bit of gas, it doesn’t cost anything. Quite a lot of the H2 Gotchis even made it into the Top 5k of the overall Kinship leaderboard (while having their own Rookie-Kinship leaderboard as well), even though the H1 Gotchis were many months ahead of H2.
Just stick with it and I’m sure in the next season, you’ll place.


That is comforting to hear about the kinship rewards and thanks for the reply. Still, I think it’s not a bad idea to throw everyone a tiny amount. It will also show people how rarity farming works. Like “oh, I don’t have to do anything. I just get ghst dropped I to my account.”
After all, everyone is part of the DAO and everyone has made an decent investment just to have a gotchi. Just feels warm and fuzzy that everyone split treasury payouts. And again, I’m talking about a pretty insignificant amount.


Already did that by increasing it to 5000 members. The original BRS rewards were only for the first 1000.

Gotcha. Fair enough.