Extend Rewards tail for Rarity Farming Season 2

RF season 1 rewarded the top 5000 gotchis in each category when there were less than 8000 gotchis summoned, giving many players (even sub 500 BRS) a chance to earn some GHST in one or more categories.

After Haaunt 2, and with RF SZN 2 approaching, there are many more gotchis out there, but there are still only 5000 spots in each proposed leaderboard.

My thought is that with the “rookie leaderboards” for XP and Kinship on H2, 5000 slots is still good for those stats, because H1 will mostly take the “main” board & H2 has the “rookie” boards. For Rarity Score, many more (over 12,000) gotchis will be competing for the same 5,000 spots, leaving “Average” gotchis out in the cold.

I think an average gotchi, outfitted with some common/uncommon wearables, should have a shot at a few GHST in BRS farming. Let’s extend that tail to 7500 or 10000 spots, keeping the same distro curve as last time.



This is how I imagined combatting dilution. If rarity farming rewards scale with number of new gotchis, we can expect a lot more longterm stability in what each earns.

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This is a supportable. As a food for thought. Would a xp drop result in dimising number of gotchis trough sacrifice? Maybe an action worth considering.

It might, but probably not enough for dilution combatting. The big 500 XP drop from the L1 vote was a good incentive for gotchi sacrifice but still only about 7% of summoned H1 gotchis have been sacrificed. Of course, a gotchi with 500+ XP was worth at least 1000 GHST near the end of RF SZN 1. MAYBE H2 gotchis are a little more expendable but still I don’t think a mass XP drop is a solution.

Nah, since the H2 made H1 curve to got rekt, your tail will extend the body for nothing suiting there more of new H2 pumped gotchis in.

In another thread, you want us (H1) owners to suffer throught the rekt in SZN2, to see how much pain it actuially brought. (Hm, Interesting masochistic inclinations, tho)
So, to make it clear for all of us about your flow of mass H1 misery show, I’m saying no to your idea here.
Let make H1 have much much much less rewards, and lot’s of tears.
Gonna be fun!

I think it’s a great idea @doxy, it would be very beneficial for rookies to see how you can get some extra GHST by buying wearables. Otherwise, it’s going to be: reach 540+ or go empty-handed in terms of rarity. Most new players are probably not as invested as H1 gotchi owners, so adding incentives for them could translate into a boost of the baazaar sales, especially for the most affordable items. Therefore, extending the tail to 10k, for example, could indirectly bring value to the entire ecosystem.


I like the idea of extending the tail out, a larger leaderboard would incentivize adoption. I see the pros & cons below netting out to an overall win. I’d vote for extending it to 8000 specifically, but if forced to vote between 5k, 7.5k, and 10k, I’d pick 7.5k. Good thing we have a DAO ;)?


  • Increased adoption (in theory, b/c more Gotchi owners get a slice of the “pie” (rarity farming rewards).
  • A lengthier leaderboard means if you’re hanging at the bottom of the leaderboard, you don’t get diluted out as quickly down the rankings. (In other words, MORE gotchis are protected from Gotchi inflation and not just the highest of BRS gotchis).


  • Dilution of high BRS gotchi owners, who probably did not plan for this. If this passes, I’d recommend that it pass along with a framework (like increase leaderboard size by 20-30% of the haunt size).
  • New H2 owners are already compensated by rookie leaderboards.
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“Dilution” has already happened, and the tail should be “diluted” to match. In RF season 15 with 2.8 million gotchis and $80 million up for grabs (or pick any numbers that seems reasonable for “mass adoption”) in the realm, are we only going to reward the top 5000? Of course not, and whatever we plan to do then should apply every step of the way as more gotchis and wearables exist.


I’m against extending beyond 5000 Gotchis (in any category). Here are some thoughts:

  • Originally it was going to be Top 100, then Top 2000, and finally Top 5000. Each increase of the tail decreased the rewards for the high placing Gotchis (the GHST has to come from somewhere).
  • High BRS collectors just had to deal with the BRS dilution from H2
  • There are about 13k Gotchis right now. Top 5k is still more than a third of all Gotchis.
  • The tail end would only receive token-amounts of GHST anyway.

I’m personally not a big fan of the BRS leaderboard, but if I get to choose between my Gotchis getting 5 GHST from BRS RF or 0 GHST, I feel like it’s not worth picking yet another fight over with the BRS investors.

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we do not want this to resemble a pyramid scheme. it would be imprudent to continue to only reward a smol group of owners who were very early and have collected high BRS/xp/kinship gotchis. I think the tail should be extended and would even go so far as to say the steepness of the distribution curve could be adjusted to make being in the top 500 more beneficial than it currently is.

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Your perspective means that almost every gotchi will earn less and less in each subsequent season. Extending the tail (and the top, remember) of the curve HELPS high BRS collector dilution.

You’re right that the GHST for RF had to come from somewhere. It did: from the very gotchis you don’t want to include at the bottom and the ones at the middle and top whose previously good rewards will trend to 0 over time.

Doesn’t it makes sense to apply the rewards curve to the entire population of summoned gotchis at any given time? How do you answer my post just above yours?


After a frenly discussion on discord, I’d like to elaborate on my earlier post.

I think scaling the number of Gotchis that receive rewards with the number of max Gotchi supply is important. I fully agree on that. That said, the move from rewarding the Top 2k to Top 5k last season, seemed rushed to me. I actually preferred to only reward the Top 20%. Now that the max Gotchi supply is 25k, Top 5k is again at 20%, which is my personal sweet spot. That is the reason I would like to keep it at Top 5k for now, but increase it in future RF, should the max Gotchi population increase again.

Another reason why I’m against increasing it is, that imo there is not enough GHST in the rewards pool to give meaningful (imo > 20 GHST) rewards to all placing Gotchis, without decreasing rewards for the Top Gotchis. Comparing RF rewards from last season to next season:
BRS: 122% of last season
Veteran Kinship: 71% of last season
Veteran XP: 142% of last season.

Increasing BRS rewards by only 22% but increasing the amount of Gotchis that get rewarded by 100% (Top 5k vs Top 10k) - together with the H2 BRS dilution - means that many (maybe most) veteran Gotchis will make less than last season. As much as I dislike the BRS rewards mechanics, I don’t think that decreasing rewards from season to season is a good idea. I fear that if someone extrapolates that reward decrease over the next couple of seasons, Gotchi prices might plummet even further compared to wearables.

That said…as an average Gotchi farmer, I kinda feel dirty arguing for the BRS elite. And I didn’t even get paid off to do it :smiley:

I was thinking the steepness of the distribution curve could be adjusted the other way. Are we trying to make a game where the rich keep getting relatively richer and richer? Why not let the richest fight it out for their trophies and spread some wealth down the curve making the game more engaging for most people?