Reduce petting to 1 per 24 hours

I would like to hear some ideas what some Gotchi community members thinking about going from petting aavegotchi every 12 hours for 1kinship to petting aavegotchi once for 24 hours for 2kinship. I think this is better for our ecosystem b/c petting can get expensive on days gas is high on the polygon network. Also this hasn’t happened yet but if there is every another bull cycle in the future and Matic goes to like back to all time high ($2.88), like days gas is high on network to pet aavegotchis could cost around 30 cents when gas is slightly above 200 gwei. Additionally, would also likely to discuss ways to introduce more ways to earn kinship besides petting, perhaps earn kinship potions in aarcade or drop kinship potions on spillover days. I think its a bit silly that its very hard to compete for leaderboards on rarity farming for kinship just b/c you didn’t own an aavegotchi since the beginning of time. I understand that OG’s might feel different about this but its nice to see that in the BRS rarity farming the leaderboard sometimes gets rearranged where as kinship rarity farming leaderboards top 5 seem the same results every rarity farm season. I also would like to know community members thoughts on changing protocol of sacrificing aavegotchis to also have some of the kinship from the sacrificed aavegotchi to transfer to the aavegotchi who ate the aavegotchi. Perhaps like 20% kinship transfers over, or more or less depending what community players feel like is reasonable. This also increases more strategic ways to have kinship wars for rarity farming leaderboards. Thanks to anyone who reads this and responds.

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If we’re going to change it, I would prefer/additionally like to change it to how channeling works where it resets at a certain time rather than needing to do it at the exact same time everyday to avoid inefficiencies. My guess is 99% of petting is done by bots now, so might as well make it easier so that bots aren’t needed.

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agree high gas prices but a strain on people channeling especially this becomes more of a problem if alchemica keeps going lower. Would like to hear how we can address some ideas to make channeling more efficient during higher gas fee times for aavegotchi channelors and those who empty harvestors and reservoirs.

Catching up in Kinship is already difficult enough, and a very long term play. Be willing to pay more for gas, and have a little less time shift. Halving the number of kinship-granting interactions per day, would double the time of this already extremely lengthy process. Not to mention that a fixed window (like for channeling) would make it virtually impossible to catch up.

Today I petted with 388 GWEI and paid a transaction fee of 0.0165 MATIC ($0.01).

He isnt suggesting half the kinship generation, he’s suggesting 2 for 1.

I wasn’t talking about how much Kinship you earn per day, I was talking about the number of Kinship-generating interactions per day. And halving that is exactly what he suggested:

Well I’m not sure how you figure only petting once per day would double the time it’s required to catch up. If the people ahead of you are petting as well, you won’t catch up at all.

This statement is false. As I explained earlier, you catch up by keeping your time shift as small as possible. One example of how to do that is by spending more on gas. Imagine your average shift is 5s (or 50s if you pet by hand) per interaction, while the shift of the Gotchi above yours is 10s (or 55s if they pet by hand). That means you’ll eventually catch up as they will drop into the next window (basically “missing” a pet) before you do. In this example you’re gaining 5s on them with every interaction. So if you cut the number of interactions per day in half, it obviously takes twice as long before they drop into the next window.
In fact, gas spikes like what OP is complaining about are perfect for catching up, as some people - as well as some bots - don’t handle them well, resulting in much larger time-shift accumulations than on regular days.
It’s how I caught up, and got my Gotchi all the way to #1 most-interacted (basically kinship ranking without potions), before dropping back down to #3 after the big polygon outage a couple months ago.


In this example you’re gaining 5s on them with every interaction.

Okay so in 3 years you’ll gain 4 kinship on them…

Since we are doing 1 pet for 2 kinship.

How about kinship goes up by 2 per channelling. (No more petting)

It is like levelling up kinship every time you channel.

It will still be 2 kinship every 24 hours and make kinship more interesting than just sign up for auto petting

Is it okay to suggest it here or should I be making a new thread for that idea?

What are your thoughts on the no pet, channeling covers both?

Is this getting stonewalled by the top petters or is that something of interest? It still lets you beat the bots and fight for dominance in the gas wars, but… it may also stack gas wars :smiley:

Im putting this one on the meeting, as it IS a new angle with its own nuances.

At the same time I think it would make sense to have the cooldown changed to how channeling works (reset once per day). We would just need one interaction that would then cover the petting and the channeling and we don’t need to worry about multiple transactions or time loss everyday.

That depends on what exactly you are talking about. IMO no one would object to channeling being counted as another kinship-granting interaction. Besides petting, you can give your Gotchi a potion, or (un)dress them. Both of those actions count as kinship-granting interactions, and besides the lore (or at least history) there is no reason why channeling shouldn’t count as an interaction as well. What I mean by lore/history is that originally, you were to lose kinship upon channeling (which would have been my preferred implementation) for exploiting your Gotchis powers for personal gain. That would have made the Kinship leaderboard extremely competitive again and also helped support alchemica prices. Wanting your Gotchi to like you more for exploiting him is almost like you’re a bank or politician or something. But in all seriousness, if this is not already a thing, then it probably should be. It would also go towards improving OP’s issue of having to spend 2 cents more per day on petting.

However, there is absolutely no reason to deprecate petting as a kinship-granting interaction, or worse, changing the shifting time window to a fixed window, or changing the duration of the window from 12h to 24h. People have managed to pet their Gotchis using a 12h shifting time window for over 1.5 years now. It works, it isn’t difficult, and it pays off.

Trying to mess with a perfectly fine mechanic that everyone has grown accustomed to is typical opposition behavior to get rid of something. Whatever you’re trying to get rid off, push for a change that will give you an attack vector for people to rally behind, and then use that attack vector to have it taken down completely. Politicians everywhere have been doing it since the dawn of time and are still doing it. The BRS Master-Race tried to come for Kinship rewards many times: “Kinship doesn’t deserve RF rewards, Kinship is “locked-in” etc. etc.”
It would be a great win for the anti-Kinship cabal to switch to a once-a-day interaction mechanic, or even worse, use a fixed window. The former would cripple the already extremely slow catch-up mechanic even further, and the latter would effectively destroy catch-up altogether. This would be the attack vector they need to get rid of Kinship-rewards altogether, like they tried in the past. Because without a working catch-up mechanic, Kinship really is locked-in, and new people would see RF Kinship rewards as nothing more than an OG tax.

So catch-up mechanics are very important for the whole system not to come crashing down. I can really see how some people would die on this hill. I would be sad if this is the thing that breaks the camels back for even more of us. We’ve already lost kenny recently. I’d hate to see more OGs leave.

I lobbied many times to have a reasonably fast catch-up mechanic as a compromise between OGs and dedicated newcomers. Using the Wilson score interval you can show exactly how reliable people (or their bots) are at petting. Using that I created a mock-up leaderboard called Dependability. In RF3, some H2s made it into the top 400 and in RF4, some H2s entered the top 100. It would have been a great way to slowly titrate more rewards towards newer generations who are committed petters (or have superior bots). And we’re not talking about 90% here, we’re talking a couple dozen Gotchis. Even with bots, there is a clear difference between hardcore petters and those that don’t really care beyond not wanting to fall too much behind.

Both types of changes (improving catch-up mechanics as well as crippling them) have already been discussed many times in the past and were both eventually rejected. The majority didn’t want it to change either way. I doubt that this opinion changed, but sure, feel free to bring it up. I won’t have time to participate though.

Instead of a catch up mechanism

How about RF kinship leaderboard start at 0 kinship for everyone and only count kinship earned during that period of time. (season or rounds)

This allows both new and OG to compete fairly regardless of their gotchi’s existing kinship and does not change any existing game mechanics

That’s what we refer to as delta leaderboards. We’ve already had many discussions about this topic in the past. Feel free to read up on them. Here are a couple of well received summary posts:

I see. Thanks for the links. As you can probably tell I am new to this topic / forum

this has been the case for many months, you didn’t notice because you are a master petter and would never let is get to the point where a channeling affected it :smiley:

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Nope. it ain’t broke…