Petting Gotchis within 12hours time frame

The current system for petting Gotchis is a pain and not equitable.

Current system: You pet your Gotchi. You will be able to pet your Gotchi again after exactly 12 hours.

Problem: In theory, you should be able to pet twice a day everyday. In reality, it is not possible, since you won’t be able to pet exactly 12 hours later. Even with the best effort, you will lose few seconds, or minutes. If you try to pet everyday at 8:00 and 20:00, it will still slowly slide to 8:01 and 20:02, then 8:03 and 20:04… until a point where you will have to skip to pet again at 8:00. In the meantime, people using bots or script continue to pet twice a day, exactly with 12 hours interval. Because kinship is part of season reward and competition, this is not equitable.

Solution: set two 12 hours period, in which you can pet at any moment and be eligible for kinship. For example, we set 2 periods: period 1 from 00:00 to 11:59 and period 2 from 12:00 to 23:59. (timezone can be anything). For the period 1, if we pet anytime during 00:00 to 11:59, then we receive 1 kinship. For period 2, if we pet anytime between 12:00 and 23:59, then we receive 1 kinship.

This method will:

  • provide more relaxed schedule for players, hence better quality of life.
  • allow human players to compete with petting bots or scripts
  • keep the current mechanism to pet twice in 24 hours.

A similar topic exists: “Petting Gotchis: 1-hour grace period” and a snapshot proposal was made, without success. I believe this is because of a lack of communication. I truly believe this mechanism IS needed for a better Aavegotchi as a project.

The next plan is to give some time for people to discuss in this forum, then create a signal proposal.
The most important phase comes here, where we will need people to spread this idea and let know a signal proposal is open. I believe having the signal proposal ready before the next reward drop would be nice, to bring attention. Thank you for your help.


I completely agree, fren!

In fact, your solution of a fixed 12h cycle has been suggested before, in this thread:

Personally, I think either solution would be fine (1-5 min grace period or fixed cycle). The way it is right now, a bot will always outperform a human. But this “game” is rather friendly to bots. I’m not sure if people actually want to change this :pensive:


I agree! This happens to me quite often and giving a bit of leeway in terms of minutes would be really helpful for me personally :slight_smile:


even a 30 minute pre-pet window would be awesome at this point. I fully agree, right now you’re just slowly driving yourself into messing up your schedule

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I have created a Signal Proposal:

Could you please vote?
Thank you very much.

I thought this is what I wanted, but in the end, I had to vote no. Your proposal (compared to a grace period) would make it MUCH harder for people to catch up. Imagine its petting time, but the owner forgets it and 1h later they are reminded and pet. Right now, this will give other people a chance to gain an hour on them. With a 5-min grace period, it would be the same thing. However, with your proposed change, someone would need to forget about their Gotchi for potentially many hours, to skip a whole timeframe in order for other people to be able to catch up.

That is why I changed my mind on this. But don’t worry. I don’t have much GHST, so my vote was just a drop in an almost empty bucket haha.

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I think going to three pettings per day (once every eight hours) would be a fair and simple solutions. Eight hours is a more natural cycle for most people and is easier to adhere.

Separately, just make it easier to pet gotchi’s. I think I counted 3 or 4 clicks to pet each ghost.

I voted no because I have made a lot of good gains on kinship (rank 2000 to about rank 900 in about a month or more) and feel with this system setup everyone gets guaranteed 2 points a day and I don’t think kinship was intended to be automated like this. I know people can automate this and it should be frowned upon IMHO. I pet twice a day and I haven’t bought potions or anything and I would hate for it to be harder to climb the ranks! :stuck_out_tongue: It is a good thought to maybe try to combat the automation but I haven’t encountered this issue yet while climbing the ranks. If you want to see your rank stay the same or fall over time, this type of system is fine.


I totally agree with you! I’ve been able to maintain a steady climb even with the bots but I’m creeping into nighttime. Once it hits nighttime I expect a battle for at least 2-4months to maintain.

Someone mentioned a time reset token an I really love the idea. Perhaps it could be available in the mall or through some quest or game once a year or something. Non-tradeable.

Hello. I understand your point of view. With the proposed mechanism, someone would need to skip 12 hours to lose the opportunity for kinship. Personally, I like to have freedom not to always interact with my phone, so I don’t think 12hours is too long, but this is very subjective.

What really needs to be fixed with petting is that you can be 100% on top of it yet still lose ground every single petting. Even a 1 minute grace period would change it. 5 minutes is also okay, but as you get toward half an hour it removes competition and I start to become against it.

Bottom line: higher human engagement should be rewarded!


I wish the mechanic was backward: you lose 1 kinship point if you don’t interact (pet/play/dress/…) with your gotchi within 12 hours. But 5 minutes sounds like a good compromise to keep the game entertaining for everyone.


The Signal Proposal has closed! We achieved over 2M GHST votes but unfortunately did not achieve the quorum which is around 3M GHST.
Thank you very much to those who voted, or just spend time reading the proposal.
Maybe the “12 hours” was not the ideal solution, but I am convinced the current petting system needs to be changed.
I hope someone will continue elaborate this topic, or maybe I will try again in the near future.
Thank you very much.

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