Release all fiat coins from gotchis

what you think about releasing all fiat coins from gotchis?

  • value of fiat is depreciating
  • additional risk with DAI, other fiat coins
  • will unlock some liquidity within the dao

now that we took action on curve we can also take care about gotchi holders? such change will make gotchis make claimable with 0 tokens


we have about 600k usd worth locked in aavegotchi pockets


What if you just unlock all the H1 gotchis? It a nice OG bonus.

OR… A haunt unlocks after the last portal is opened :wink:

Or even better… a series of contests or quests(hopefully involving guilds) where the 1st place team gets to pick which collateral gets unlocked next. If these are on chain events, it can be automated.

  1. Can the contract do that without killing the gotchis?
  2. Is there enough liquidity for each MA and AM token to be taken back?
  3. Is there even that much to bother with it? the majority are holding the minimum required to keep their gotchi alive
  4. how do we reuse this feature?

I think the reason this topic popped up is that we just now started seeing people be unable to summon YFI gotchis, which opened this can of worms.

The underlying issue here is a mirror of your question - “What are we doing about defunct collaterals, specifically mainnet.”