Requesting Monthly Dev Updates on Gotchiverse Development

gm frens!

As you may know the gotchiverse bible has been collecting dust for a while.

In line with having updates more frequently on gotchiverse bible, I’d like to request monthly release logs on gotchiverse development from PC. Part of the lore, it could be considered as monthly rituals/ceremonies, where gotchis come together and discuss the biblical events happening in gotchiverse before they become chapters in the bible. Note that this would be only for gotchiverse and gotchiverse related developments.

Why is this necessary?
On the new roadmap, gotchiverse has pretty big updates slated in 2023.

On more short term, we’re at the verge of having PvP with gotchi traits, wearables, new mechanics like fog of war, eye related additional traits and so on. There will be a lot of heated discussions, given this happens even in traditional games where real life money is not involved with asset ownership or monetary incentive leaderboards.

If you go into steam you would find indie game studios having released games in alpha phases where users are supporting the game development. Which release weekly/monthly updates introducing new mechanics, discussing potential balancing aspects and demonstrate where they are at with their roadmap. Doing so there’s the possibility to keep up with development, track changes, discuss and give feedback on a regular and orderly fashion.

Frankly, this has been lacking big time so far. There are updates being released on gotchiverse which briefly appears as wall of text when user logs in to gotchiverse and that’s pretty much it. There’s no document that clarifies mechanics of gameplay, stats of the gotchi impacting the arena. We have seen two versions of the arena with no way to track changes in between. Given the DAO will be the part of the game development, like any indie game studio does as part of crowd funded game development(which typically takes from 10 to 40 bucks with no asset ownership/token flavor of course) we need regular, detailed release logs for gotchiverse every month.

Imho, if we don’t constitute this soon before things further develop we will have major headache, frustration and highly inefficient discord complaints/personal attacks. The little pieces of positive feedback will be overlooked as several people will be writing on DAO discussion channel in heat.

In addition, another dedicated place to keep DAO feedback in focus, tidy and easy to track about gotchiverse is needed. Similar to DAO-forum in discord, I believe there needs to be gotchiverse-forum, where people can bring their feedback or issues to discuss related to gotchiverse. At the moment there is feature requests channel that can be a place for this, but since the channel can also be used for things like UI improvement in etc. that would be lackluster.

Lemme know what you guys think, cheers.



Would the following help?


No because this has nothing to do with development process, that channel ‘updates’ are more like announcements of shipped features related to gotchiverse. I’m referring to development logs of the game similar to other game studios, where issues tackled are addressed, new features are explained clearly in detail, feature work plans are mentioned and so on.

To get a more clear feel about what I mean, I’d suggest checking the blogs of games in a gaming platform that is on an early phase of development. Here I’ll leave an example below

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I think this is a great idea and would really help the community understand what’s going on “under the hood.”

Another project I’m in is Sappy Seals / Pixlverse and they do a wonderful job of monthly dev updates.

It shows forward progress being made which is important, especially during months where there’s nothing visible being shipped.


At a minimum, the basic file you get with every other software in existence would be nice.

You just list what changed on each version and add new versions to the top of the file.

If numbers used to calculate things(like in the arena) are changed, the current formulas dhould be given so that we arent forced to reverse engineer them. Put changes in a different color, for extra clarity.

Its sort of is “Month in aavegotchi”, where PC summarize what happend in ecosystem, but i think its too little now.

There should be great overhaul to roadmap, PC needs to be more specific and provide:

What are the items PC is working on? More parcelation into task
What are the priorities of these items?
What are dependencies of items to be developed?
What are the timelines?

The things that ressonates are:
Unfinished roadmap and moving goal posts
No Gotchi Bible on Liquidators/The Great Battle
No quarterly targets for Gotchiverse features like guild channeling, quests, dungeons, estates, gotchi lodges
Where is timeline for Aarena?
Buy Offers not released - we voted on this ages ago, if I remember corretly, probably, part of V2.

The development lacking project managers, and DEV UPDATES are just part of the problem…