Schedule Initial DAO Weekly Meeting

After much discussion on the DAO discord channel, it was decided that we will have a weekly meeting, so as to be more efficient, more informed, and also build community while increasing transparency.

We need to decide the when and the where.

As the Hangouts are Saturdays, and Thursdays seem to be a big release day, Sunday would be ideal, as that is the day that any alpha we have is still fresh.

After the hangout could also be ideal. There is always a flurry of activity on the discord after a hangout, so this is definitely a moment that might get more participation.

If anyone has any other suggestions before I make a poll, please give them ASAP.


I agree with the meeting time. Prob need an standing agenda and a way for ppl to add to the agenda. This would help to keep the meeting moving and make sure topics are covered.

Proposed agenda structure:
Money matters: (5min)

  • Out flows
    Moneys that have left dao recently
    Confirmed moneys to be sent out in the coming days
  • In flows
    Moneys have have come into the dao and from where did they come from

Grants discussion (25min)
Community submitted topics/questions (30min)
Open discussion (30min)

Put some time on these just to have a cap.


Alternative structure -

Financials - these should be llinked up before the meeting starts

Task Force Presentations + discussion (One person giving quick talk on what their Task Force did or thought of doing this week, then a quick QA)

Old business - this is people giving presentation on things brought up last week, and then a decision is made of whether it should move forward and who should collab on writing up the proposal. (only people who scheduled their time to talk the prior week)

New Business - This is people making the case to elevate a proposal for being Old business next week(Schedule yourself a slot for next week, and warn everyone what you are tasking about, in case they want to make a counter presentation or work on it with you)

Open discussion - leave channel open as long as needed, open chat by text, and use the lord of flies mechanism of passing the mic to whomever requests it next. If you haven’t talked yet, you are at front of line.

EDIT: added some details
EDIT: changed DTF to Task Force, per the language decision made in Task Force SOP document.

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either after the hangout or on sundays makes sense imo. the open discussion @MarvinP mentioned, i like that.

assuming ‘open discussion’ means; a call where everybody can hop in and gets to hear some kind of summary of all topics discussed during the meeting, ill be happy to take notes off that and share them wherever the community/DAO wants them. :+1:

  • Saturday after the hangout
  • Sunday, same time as hangout
  • Neither of these

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We should have some deliberators/orators that are tasked at voicing the agenda and managing the discussion.
They can be responsible making the agenda, publishing it before meetings, and adding/removing items based on popular demand.


I’d opt for Sunday as the hangouts usually go past midnight for me anyways.

However I do have to give one night to the waifu occasionally so may not be able to make every Sunday DAO discussion, but we can try to ensure someone from Pixelcraft is in attendance.


Wait what time Sunday is this poll for? 2pm UTC right? Anything later than hangout time is gonna be getting way too late for me or any other Aussie/Singapore based frens.

Saturday after hangout is good rather than trying to be available 2 days of a weekend…

  • This Saturday after hangout - No PC staff there
  • This Sunday, 2 PM UTC, but on Sunday, with PC there
  • Push it till next week.

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I redid the final poll, as I made a malapropism.

EDIT: When one of the yes options gets to 10, and someone has volunteered to moderate, consider it scheduled. Only volunteer if you are not presenting. I’ll make a separate post for the docket as soon as we make a decision