Season 3 for Q1 2022

season 2 was 2mm GHST. It was capped which allowed us the current situation of having around 1.5mm GHST already funded for season 3. If we have a GBM wearable auction that should put us at 2mm GHST for a season 3. Another alternative is to have a season 3 with “realm boards” that reward realm behavior, and have it funded with the vast coffers of realm rewards currently available. (this was discussed a few posts above)

As you mentioned, the treasury could also fund or generate rewards. I applaud you for thinking of how to add to the regular/sustainable streams of funds for RF.


Thoughts on this as a final schedule?

  • 4 Rounds (2 weeks each)
  • Same distribution function
  • 1.5 Million GHST Rewards Pool (1.4m GHST funded already)
    • 70% BRS
    • 20% Kinship
    • 10% XP
  • Top 5k (20%) → Top 7.5k (30%)
  • 3 Seasons per Year (approx. schedule below)
    • SZN 3: February - March
    • SZN 4: June - July
    • SZN 5: October - November

Rewards Sheet: Rarity Farming SZN 3 Distribution Model - Google Sheets


I agree with everything except I would really like to see delta XP (change in XP from the time of the core proposition to the finale) rewarded. This allows the most meaningful assessment of prospective engagement. As the realm and realm rewards are clearly months away, it’s important to allow for some incentivization for newcomers. I’m obviously fine to be overruled, but I would love for some newcomer inclusivity with the rarity farming design, especially given the Realm delay.

Proposed Rewards:

  • 1.5 Million GHST rewards pool
  • 60% BRS
  • 20% kinship
  • 10% overall XP
  • 10% delta XP

Looks great ser, I love the added schedule for not just Szn 3, but also 4 and 5 :+1:

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Well said fren. Although don’t see the need to increase the long tail yet to the top 7.5k as we don’t necessarily have the users quite yet.

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I agree with that sentiment as well and would be absolutely fine seeing it remain at 5,000. I would really like to hear from advocates against implementing delta XP. Potential cons: dev work to develop the tool to measure; takes 10% away from wearable rewards; may skew towards ambassadors (also a potential pro imo).


I like it! personally I am in favor of keeping 5K winners until haunt 3, but I do see the benefit in extending the tail. It will likely be perceived favorably by new users.


Rookie boards ended up being extremely controversial because of double dipping, kinship tiebreakers, etc. In the end, a very few benefitted from the majority rookie of rewards pools that were supposed to be a boon for newbies.

I don’t see how we wouldn’t fall into the same kind of implementation trap, when aarcade, ambassador rewards, xp event schedule, and many other things are far from final or understood or accessible to the greater community at large. It is not pro-growth at all when you have exploitable avenues to the top of the leaderboards by a select few, under the guise of doing it for the newbies.

If our ambassadors, indie game devs etc need more funding, there are many avenues such as AGIP3 & treasury that should be funding such things. Some of the most active content creators perhaps should be in Pixelcraft’s payroll… my point is RF shouldn’t be the place to reward special interests or niche segments. RF should be pure in its implementation as per the white paper, and not seen as the pool from where to reward “volunteer” work.
I don’t have anything against rewarding these volunteers, I just don’t think RF is the proper source and especially not when sold as a benefit for rookies, as we all know rookies actually accumulate less XP and kinship in delta terms than knowledgeable users.


Will you specify which polygon address the 1.5 mil is coming out of? I wasn’t tracking on why it’s only funded up to 1.4 mil. Won’t rewards come from the RF address that receives a cut from baazaar sales?

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I realize this won’t be popular with those who have put in the time and effort to create a Gotchi petting service(which i think is a great service) or have setup their autopetting scripts, but 20% seems very high for the Kinship category. While it is interactive for those who pet manually, the reality is this is no longer a reward that encourages new participants at the lower end of the income level. As it’s currently designed, no new player really has a chance to ever catch up in the leaderboard or compete in this category. While I’m not proposing we completely eliminate it at this time(especially not without utility for Alchemica Channeling yet), to encourage new members into the Gotchi family that 10% would be better served either in BRS or as a new category encouraging Gotchi holders of the entry class. I’m not saying it’s the Delta XP option, though i don’t think it’s a bad idea.
Just kicking around ideas, but how about 10% to Gotchis with the lowest BRS? I don’t hold any low enough to likely even see a single GHST, but those are typically the entry level Gotchis on the Market. I would also suggest changing the weights so it’s not so payout heavy for the 1st few places - allowing more GHST to distribute further down the ranks. We are not talking about a tremendous amount of the pool(10%; 150k GHST) but it could be meaningful to those with only a Gotchi or two that haven’t experienced any GHST in their pocket to date and can’t compete in the BRS competition. Assuming the weights are reduced, this also wouldn’t be so attractive of a competition that it detracts from people buying wearables and going for BRS. That said, someone with only a single low BRS gotchi might even be compelled to outfit a Common item that sends their BRS down in the category, so it’s not necessarily a reward category that deters wearables buying, in fact could be a reason for buying common and uncommon items.

I guess I just don’t agree with your facts. Most gotchis are not pet by a service, new players can catch up (or pay for a gotchi with high kinship) because a dedicated human does beat a bot, or at least can compete with a bot. And many smaller players do make a significant amount thru kinship.

Decreasing or eliminating rewards for kinship would be such a rug to the people who dedicated so much time and money to that strategy. You want to take from the most genuinely competitive part of the project so far and use it to contradict the idea of BRS (without implementing ARS in any other way)?

Sorry fren, two thumbs down from me.


Thanks for the feedback, I do like the idea of trying an ARS RF rewards category too, but for the sake of not making the post any longer I stopped there. I probably should clarify a couple things though:

  1. I didn’t really state any facts above and definitely not that “most gotchis are pet by a service”. I don’t have that data, but if someone did it would be interesting to see.
  2. My assumptions about new players being able to compete for Kinship and their lack of incentives was referring to “new participants at the lower end of the income level”, not new players that have money to buy their way into competition. The point was really around finding ways to engage and encourage players without lots of GHST.
  3. The low BRS thing was simply to get some discussion going around some alternative ideas. Definitely not convinced myself it’s a great approach, but hoping to hear some others.

RF is mainly funded by primary sales, baazaar fees don’t seem to generate that much really

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thanks Moon. I wasn’t thinking when i looked at the RF contract initially, was thinking 1.5 mil dollars worth of GHST and not 1.5 mil GHST. I’m tracking now. ty

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You totally nailed it. I think that in order to achieve your ideal version, it might be interesting to think about separating the various contributions into different segments ie: Community outreach boards/game dev boards/etc, and by designating pools for them and removing from RF altogether. But then you have to wonder how this will be handled during the various stages of the Metamorphosis of the Aavegotchi DAO. We have taken some measures to fix it with the new iteration of the revamped Ambassador system(whether its successful/and or the final iteration, TBD.


I think this would be better:

  • 70% BRS
  • 10% delta kinship
  • 10% delta XP
  • 10% related to Gotchiverse

delta on kinship and xp would encourage new activity and participation, more reward for rarity as it’s what makes the aavegotchi market (without enough reward, price of wearables & gotchis will fall), and 10% for a gotchiverse metric to encourage playing it.


While I also liked the idea before, I think there’s a case to be made for completely separating Rarity Farming and Gotchiverse / REALM rewards. Both things have their own respective reward pools and mechanics that could be awkward if thrown together. Also if SZN3 were to happen before the release of the Gotchiverse we’d have to use an alternative method anyways.


The proposed schedule sounds great! The extension of the rewards up to the top 7.5k players is a key change, it will give a chance for many more people to obtain rarity farming rewards. In addition, this would also add utility and value to common/uncommon items, the few extra BRS points may be enough to get a decent gotchi into the leaderboard, which at the moment has a pretty steep cut-off (+532BRS)


This would double down on the rookie kinship and rookie xp boards experiment where kinship rank 1 was shared by over 200 gotchis and tie breaking depended purely on potion drinking or sacrificing.

These were failed experiences because delta kinship does not work in the slightest with how very little tie-breakers we have in a season, and how absurdly whale-oriented the tie breaks are, while frontloading all the leftovers to the BRS board and a yet-to-be-created board which has close to 5m GHST in funding waiting to be used as is in the realm sales contract.

Sorry, but this is a hard no from me.


After thinking on it more, I fully support your initial proposal and would love to see the formal signal prop submitted. We will be able to develop and reward engagement metrics upon realm release. Until then, let’s continue the fun we’ve been having for the last year, explore the new DeFi RPG wearable meta, and bring on some GHST stimmies to provide some much needed liquidity.