Sushivader SZ2 Coming update

  1. When the player acquired certain score and cleared all of the remaining sushis, the player may visit a certain shop.
  2. In the shop, player may be able to buy max potion, power-ups and trait mods. Of coz you need to pay [HYPERLINK BLOCKED] to get it.
  3. Spooky trait effect changed: When SPK increases, enemy fire rate increases but sushi descending rate decreases.
  4. Eye shape and eye color trait now affects in game difficulty.
    Eye shape: up charge time, down charge shot speed
    Eye color: up the elite sushi spawn rate, down the myth sushi spawn rate.
  5. Elite sushi refers to all sushis that attacks and have >= 3 HP.
    Myth sushi are sushis that don’t attack but have >= 5HP

The above may subject to changes.


Really like the game. Coming update sounds great, can’t wait to visit shops and check out all the items available.