EYS and EYC Trait Implementation in the Gotchiverse

Hello again frens! After a successful Coreprop vote bringing in the new trait mappings for NRG, AGG, SPK & BRN we are now left with the all important question…

What could the EYS and EYC traits do in our Gotchiverse?

This thread has been started to collate and discuss all of the communities ideas, concepts and models for eye traits in one location. Once 3-4 reasonable models have been landed on we can then present these to Pixelcraft for discussion in another voice call.

When posting ideas please try and keep to the following general outline:

Name of Idea:
In 10 words or less, what would EYS do?
In 10 words or less, what would EYC do?
Key Details & Assumptions:
Explanation & Implementation:

Looking forward to all your ideas frens! WAGMI


I’ll kick things off with a fairly simplistic idea for the eye traits…

Name of Idea: Content Unlockers & VIP Access

In 10 words or less, what would EYS do? Combine with EYC to give unique access to game content

In 10 words or less, what would EYC do? Combine with EYS to give unique access to game content

Key Details & Assumptions:

  • EYS and EYC would not overlap with existing NRG, AGG, SPK, BRN traits
  • No game stat or trait bonuses for EYS
  • Vision and handling removed completely from EYC

Explanation & Implementation:
Eye traits, to date, have been a fairly speculative and subjective trait on the gotchi market. The exclusivity of owning a double myth (and subsequent pricetag) is something that makes sense to maintain within the gotchiverse.

However eye traits are the least flexible of all traits. If we are to assign gameplay traits to them we raise the likelihood of players having a poor experience in the gotchiverse if they are stuck with a particular bonus or stat boost that makes little sense for their gotchi.

For example, imagine you have summoned an excellent “Melee Power” gotchi but your EYS gives you a “Ranged Power” boost. There is very little chance you have built your gotchi around ranged abilities so in most cases, this boost is wasted.

By maintaining a purely flex and VIP implementation of the eye traits we can still give oustanding value to owners of eye types that are scarce AND great gameplay by making eye traits unlock certain content. Examples of content that can be unlocked with certain eye combinations include:

  • Treasure chests with alchemica, items and NFT’s,
  • Doors to bonus areas in dungeons,
  • One-off daily gameplay boosts for certain eye types,
  • “MAASIVE crystals” that contain alchemica that is drawn out/mined by a gotchi BUT certain eye combinations or colours draw out the alchemica quicker
  • Exclusive events
  • Eye specific Aarena matches
  • “Eye type of the day” style bonuses that may let a certain type of eye craft at a 10% discount for the day

There is huge potential for this type of implementation to boost engagement and co-operation between players. Imagine a dungeon maze with a multitude of doors with different EYS/EYC combos required to unlock them. Players would have to go out of their way to form a team of diverse gotchis just to get through the maze!

To maintain the exclusivity and desirability of higher rarity eyes, they would unlock better content than lower rarity eyes. E.g. Double myth treasure chests would have more alchemica than common eye treasure chests.

The core objective of this idea is to keep things simple and aligned with how we currently view eye traits. We already have a diverse range of game traits in NRG, AGG, SPK, BRN (and soon wearables too) and it may turn out better in the long run to keep eye traits completely separate from these. However, we still want to ensure scarce eyes are valuable and hopefully as a community we can come up with exclusive content that recognizes this :slight_smile:


I fully support this idea, and have a lot to add it to, but I think that this is all stuff that won’t get touched for a few months, and actually fits the precise description of what “EYES PASS 2” shold be, IMHO

I think right off the bat, we should agree to do two eye passes.

1st pass…

  1. Lock in the hard coded mechanics, as those won’t be able to be heavily modified later.
  2. Grab any low hanging fruit ideas that can be implemented without dev work(marketing team stuff and community events) or can be built as we go(UI stuff can be added as that part of the UI is built, or redesigned)
  3. collect all the best wish list items and save those for pass 2

Be free with saying “save that for pass 2,”, so we can hone this down to something that everyone will vote for and the devs will be able implement easily.

There are two other deep discussions AFTER THIS we need to have before we can get the bible finished, and get the RPG and the auctions and raffles back…

  1. The trait Buff/Debuff vs 50 floor/Buff VS RPG classes for gotchis
  2. Wearable abilities

We need to get Part 1 of the eyes to a vote by Monday, IMHO.


my initial critique of this idea -

Unique access to content is a dangerous idea - everyone should have access to the full game. We’re not Blizzard yet… there is no content yet, so cutting people off from some of it is brutal.

I think it’s better to do these sorts of things via influencing the RNG result, to give a better chance of winning something that suits your gotchi. We cant go back and fix people who bought something that doesnt fit their gotchi due to a game mechanic change, but if we make it more likely the stuff you get is going to be YOUR stuff, then this is a good thing.

  • EYS and EYC would not overlap with existing NRG, AGG, SPK, BRN traits <— all the ideas we do should have this as a given. Can we please lock that in before we even start.
  • No game stat or trait bonuses for EYS <— this is probably where the vote divide is
  • Vision and handling removed completely from EYC <— vision appears dead in the water and we should shitcan it until we’re at game engine 2.0, not sur what you mean by handling, but the game is already tough to drive in, so all that should be off the table, except for road speed and alch speed, and maybe just alch speed. With alch speed being based on a gotchis affinity for one type of alch, it makes for a harmless feature that would make some land better for some people, and would influence how people move about in the verse, causing more areas to get traffic, as different gotchis will have different ideal routes. I’d go as far as to give a +2 to one type of alch and a -1 to another, for extra flavor.

Besides the “gotchi racism” angle of restricting access based on eye color, my core criticism of this idea is that it actually does nothing, right now, and kicks the can down the road, while missing the only opportunity we will have tomake the gotchis actually play differently.

The eyes are not changeable, and they have no obvious use, so what they really are, is that gotchis blueprint/personality. Making it just be prize related is leaving a massive opportunity on the table, and based on how much people spent for eyes… they expect them to be at least as game influencing as the other 4 traits combined.

We have a mira going with all the ideas so far, and all the alpha… I have the basics of my presentation done and it’s in there… I’ll be working on this all weekend and have something better that uses what people talk about in this thread, by Saturday night.

Please go check this out and get the big picture and come up with some epic ideas…


I agree that “Double Myth” only assets should not IMO be placed in the game. I see this as eerily similar to the Boosted Parcel debate that went on just a little while ago when buyers and holders where asking for special considerations based on what was happening in baazaar and not published announcements, however I do think double myth eyed gotchis will be a sought after asset because by just having the double myth stats those Gotchis will be permanently “maxed” in any traits that will be assigned.

I like the idea of having EYS/EYC effecting that Gotchi’s RNG because this in turn effects every interaction that is made in the Gotchiverse. Are we looking at maybe setting 50 at maybe .5% and it max out at say 1% for a total of a 2% cap? Imagine that lucky SOB gotchi that opens a chest and a godlike is there, finds that trap that could have potentially wiped out the entire party or lands that crucial critical hit which kills that high level raid boss.

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I was thinking more of a system where your collateral, your eye color, and eye shape combin to give you a bunch of effects, and they are designed to lean into what that gotchi might be good at, without messing up the main trait balance. A 5% lean into the probability of getting certain types of things instead of other things, causes noticeable play difference and can be used to ease people along their desired path, while not forcing anything on them. If you combine the loot affinities to support the general play style that the collateral supports, and have the eye shape providing another layer of flavor on top of that, you have the collateral as the species, the rarity bands of the eye shape as personality type on top of that, and the color of the eyes as an additional modifier. This leaves you the actual scores of the EYS and EYC, to use to modify the actual power level of the other stat. This makes it so that the number of the color is the power level of whatever the eye shape is doing, and the number of the eye shape, is the power of whatever eye color does, and you can put both of those into an algorithm, and come up with a new number that affects the collateral modifiers.

As long as we only modify things that are not being modified by the other 4 traits, we should be able to balance this easily and come out with some fun flavor that drives the market and gives people reasons to collect many types of gotchis.

And then… we get even more jiggy with it later when we have a functioning game and it’s content creation time :smiley:

*The affinities could be more creative than just basic things… think more like “likes sharp things”, “likes shiney stuff”, “TA addict”, “Animal lover”, “thirtsy”, “mad hatter”, “tool collectoor”, “pyro”, “Science buff”, “cosplayer”…

Are you thinking about using the different collateral as racial traits/strengths that would give different skill sets to your gotchi? Sounds really interesting and I could picture the discontinued collateral getting a cool trait or for example the amGHST gotchis getting a resistance bluff (because of the curve :wink:). I think we should keep it really simple and generic at this point. We could lay the foundation for possible specializations later on without making a collateral specific playing style.

In 10 words or less, what would EYS do? Treasure Affinities and various mods now, RPG flavor later
In 10 words or less, what would EYC do? Alch Affinities and various mods now, RPG flavor later

Key Details & Assumptions:

  • RPG items are listed on the second picture - these can be sorted out in eyes pass two, after we have the wearables handled, and hopefully before much RPG content is created.

  • The rarity bands of the eyecolors determine which type of alchemica the gotchi has an affinity for. This affects travel speed on that type of Alchemica, and the pickup radius for that type of Alchemica. The collateral eyes get two affinities.

  • The eyes shapes have twice the odds of getting an item for a specific body part.

  • The collateral eyes have additional effects assigned, that stack on top of the other bonuses.
    *The actual scores of EYC and ESH affect ALCH PICKUP RADIUS, AP COST, CRITICAL HIT DAMAGE REDUCTION, and HEALING EFFECTS and stack with the other effects.

Conclusion: This is the result of weeks of brainstorming, and research of the entire history of discussion of these traits on the Discord and the Forums. All ideas that were not vetoed are included in some way, and the numbers can easily be changed for balancing.
None of the trait effects stack against things we set in the Trait pass, so this is a separate area and nothing in it should cause unintended effects elsewhere.

I have some ideas for the actual collaterals of the gotchis, but that may be out of scope here.


Wow @HARDKOR that’s super comprehensive man. It seems pretty balanced to me but you lose me a little when it comes to numbers. I love how you’ve laid this out. I personally would benefit from this being pitched so to speak - just a sort of tour of your thinking and numbers, what do you think?

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I think we should adjust the numbers, obviously, I was just spitballing those. the effects… those are pretty much everything that noone had a strong objection to, and don’t duplicate the other trait effects.

The wearable effects will likely reach into territory covered by all 6 traits, so it’s best to sandbox them like this, so it is easier to balance.

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not sure i understand what the eye shape/ treasure affinity board means.
I really like the 2,3,4,6 topics using eye traits for deep in the rpg lore /questline seems great, but should be made with the rarity of the trait, not with the value , not sure about how the diff collaterals work, but seems over-complicated (ppickup radius seems overpowered) with expanding collateral types , and i dont agree with 5, maybe something like some quests where u need to rent a gotchi with dbl myth would be nice but as an achievment for your account, not really to progress or have more return
all in all its a deep topic with lots of oportunities to develop the rpg side of the game and for sure lots of great suggestions/ideas here !


The treasure affinity, means that when you get treasure at the end of a quest, if its a wearable, you have a double chance of rolling that item. Certain items are always worth more, so I put the more valuable ones at the highest rarities.

There’s other ways to do that, too… we could use the eye shape score to reference against the list of all item abilities, and then when you get loot, if one of the options has that ability, it picks that one. I really like that way of doing it, actually, because it gives a definite flavor to each gotchi.

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Treasure and alchemica affinities are a very cool idea!

I’m not 100% sure I understand how you are mapping eye colour affinities though @HARDKOR? Is it one of the following 3?


And if I understand correctly, alchemica abilities/stats affected by EYC are only present as part of eye colour (or wearables) correct? e.g. we wouldn’t see alchemica speed, alchemica pick up radius, alchemica craft discount etc. impacted by EYS right?

Also a few counterpoints to what you’ve outlined and questions we could raise in next trait call in bold:

The colatteral eyes get two affinities - How does this balance against low EYS stats which are just as rare?

Potential poll: Should mythic high EYS collateral shapes be more powerful than mythic low EYS?

XP and kinship mods - This could be controversial (or maybe even difficult for devs to implement?). I know the boost shown in your diagram is small but long term it would still mean ETH/WETH/WBTC could technically get to higher levels first.

Potential poll: Should xp/kinship be impacted by any of the core traits?

Crit hit damage reduction and AP cost - These might be a little too close to combat traits? This is probably a very good voting point though to raise in next trait call.

Potential Poll: Should eye traits have any impact on combat stats at all? or rephrased Should eye traits only impact farming and treasure hunting traits?


And if I understand correctly, alchemica abilities/stats affected by EYC are only present as part of eye colour (or wearables) correct? e.g. we wouldn’t see alchemica speed, alchemica pick up radius, alchemica craft discount etc. impacted by EYS right?

Yes, but these also show up in the collateral eyes. Per my research, these are the most valued thing a gotchi can have. It commands a strong premium over anything else. The myth lows are also a big deal, but the collateral eyes are the rarest trait possible, as it’s only the one end of the spectrum, and it’s broken up into 13 bands.

I could do something else for 0 and 1… if that is wanted. Maybe even break it down into H1 0,1 and H2 0,1 as the H1 eyes are discontinued, and that is something I expect to continue for H3

I think we should do those polls immediately, as it will determine what we should go with and let us move forward.

I threw kin and XP in there to see if anyone would even care… I was sure someone would freak out, but… no reaction. Maybe a poll will tell us the truth there.

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Mythic Rare Colour and Mythical Rare Shape = Lazer Beams.

Did I solve it?


Actually, laser beams that get stronger with rarity. Rare high = blast enemies. Rare low = freeze/slow enemies.

Some collaterals could be more effective against others, like ETH is powerful against BTC and vice versa, while USDT is powerful against MKR or whatever, for the lulz.

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That way everyone would have a weapon for free. We could make them not super powerful unless you break the 100 rarity ceiling… then they start to get reasonably powerful.


I suggest this because it’s fun, funny, and easy to understand, and unlocks a base ability for every gotchi, and laser eyes is a big Bitcoiner thing that fits into the meme heavy world of Aavegotchi.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


I completely forgot how in the tower defense game, you shot collateral if you had collateral eyes.

Having collateral eyes be a replacement for the hearts, should be a given, imho.

I’d say put that one to a poll immediately as well.

We can give the Myth eyes on both ends whatever it is were giving, and then the collateral eyes get the extra feature of being a different base projectile.


On the topic of eye lasers. With EYS do we have the potential here to introduce eye flavoured special abilities for every type? Rather than using EYS to modify any kinds of traits. Perhaps we just use it for specials like “Eye Laser”.

Below is a link to an incredibly comprehensive list of eye powers from classic comic book fiction, RPG’s etc. Category:Ocular Powers | Superpower Wiki | Fandom

Name of Idea: Eye Specials and Alchemica Affinities
In 10 words or less, what would EYS do? Each unique shape unlocks a different eye power
In 10 words or less, what would EYC do? Alchemica affinities for alch speed, pick up radius etc.

Key Details & Assumptions:

Gotchis currently do not have a unique special ability that is unique to them. Perhaps we can use the different EYS to represent different special eye abilities?

For this idea, EYC we still consider as alchemica affinities. E.g. pick up radius, crafting discounts, speed over alchemica, halo identifier to make seeing alchemica easier, quicker draw rates from alchemica “crystal deposits” etc.

Explanation & Implementation:

Every unique EYS gets a different special eye ability. Below is a sample of of what some might do:

Please note the abilities shown above are examples only with little thought given to balance. They are there for pure demonstration only.

The below points would be applicable if eye powers were implemented:

  • The rarer the EYS the more powerful the ability
  • Eye abilities would be subject to cooldown duration only (no impact on AP as that is a combat trait of which we are trying to keep separate)
  • They would be subject to significant future balancing and player/investors will need to accept this

Although giving every single EYS type (currently 32 and will increase with future haunts) an eye power would be extremely dev intensive it could be a great way to implement unique specials for gotchis. I know we joke about laser beams for double myth eyes but hey… if we could balance them with other eye abilities for the lower rarity eye shapes… why not?


I’ve got to head out just now, but I’ll read the entire thread when I come back and see if I can contribute anything else to the discussion. Thanks. :slight_smile: