Incentives for upgrading traits into the mythical class

There are currently no incentives for buying items and increasing a trait (e.g. energy, aggression) to the “mythical” category, which is any trait with a value of 0-2 (L) or 98-100 (H). I propose a modest change to add 25 BRS to an Aavegotchi that has 3 mythical traits, and 50 BRS to an Aavegotchi that has 4 mythical traits.

I believe that this change will give users with less funds a second chance to own a rare Aavegotchi, increase the demand for common, uncommon, and rare items in the Bazaar, and make the game less about buying items that are as expensive as possible and more about deliberate selection of an Aavegotchi with high potential. This will help democratize the game a bit.

At the same time, I don’t think this change will devalue mythical and godlike Aavegotchis. If you go to the Bazaar and look at Aavegotchis with base traits that are high enough to put them into the mythical category, very few of them have the potential to achieve 3, let alone 4 mythical traits without buying really expensive items. There are Aavegotchis with 4 mythical traits that aren’t in the godlike category though, and I don’t think that’s how it should be.

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I do not see how this helps. There was a glitch where ~1740 bought all the portals. They sifted through what they wanted and resold lower ranked gotchis at 4X and up the original price. Most of the available gotchis at a modest 4X the original portal price are lucky to have one mythic let alone 3 or 4.

I really like the idea as I too hoped for a sizable jump entering the mythical range. 25 and 50 are huge numbers though, reading the idea I expected like 3 or 5BRS per trait. Love the idea though!

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Yes! +3 to +5 BRS sounds great to follow the idea!

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