Title/Rank for achievement

GM - GN, Gotchis and Gotchies,

Before presenting my idea, I would like to push further concerning the email box system.
Indeed this features have a high potential for Guild communication, dev update, event advertisement… And will add value to all comings implementation. SO WEN PROP?


Context : Early stage dev imply to select slight improvment in order not overload coders.

However, frens still needs to sociabilize and enjoy small things of life, be recognized and rewarded without any further dilution of assets value or resalable NFTs neither.

Considering the above points, let me present the feature which should answer to these expectations and interconnect theses values :

Winning titles reward by completing tasks or achievement. Here Is some exemple :

-Voting Power level :
LVL 1 Hobbo
LVL 2 Citizen

LVL 9 Mayor

-Lands Owner
LVL1 Neigboor
LVL2 Faarmer

LVL 9 Landlords

LVL1 Raandom
LVL2 Normie

LVL 9 Superstar

Now let me please give some explanations :

Each player are involved in the verse on their proper way; possessing lands, building, guilds, rarity farming or plan to do by exploring the grid, tryhard PVP, slayin Lickquidators etc…

Then we could through the DAO define how many Voting Power is required to glow up from Hobbo to Mayor (of course community will vote for better title if needed. If we dont like to call it Hobbo, we will find an other word)

Upon the achievement or reaching a new level, the Gotchi will be rewarded by a title which will be displayable (or not) next to his name (before or after, depending of the title) and change it whenever he want for the older titles already won and play with his favorite title trophee.

To conclude, It seems to be a simple way to incentive futur events, give fun and goals to players during the development and keep them online in the verse. It will not imbalance the economy. For sure it can be only esthetic, but It can allow the possibility to give special access…

If this idea will be liked enough I will create soon a new idea post concerning the special access granted by these titles.

Quick preview :
The Mayor statut which allow Gotchi to postulate for District Mayor Élection.
This position could for example allow to choose the street design via Street Tiles (if possible?) and manage his district for some times through district economy based on ALPHA (the social oriented alchemicas)…but lets keep it for later.

Feel free to share your opinion, send l*kes, and sorry for my approximative english.


I like the idea of having titles related to in-game gameplay achievements. Could be fun to explore!


I like the idea of titles for gameplay achievements, but not for simply owning lots of assets (as in voting power, land ownership). Thanks for bringing up the idea!

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I think this concept is an integral part of the “personhood” that we are going to need to develop(caartridges are personhood)

We should be storing player achievements on the caartridges, and as there is no actual stick, in defi, the carrot we should use is reputation. It’s not about leveling up your gotchis, it’s about leveling up your player.

We’re not sunflower farm or krill, we’re blockchain “World of Rent and Compound:Lickquidators Revenge”, with industry, property, speculation, civics, and artistic debauchery instead of bots farming gold to sell people who didn’t want to level up(but selling whole accounts is very much like selling gussied up gootches). We’ll have PEOPLE that we pay to try to farm us. That’s the game… the sink is the licks.

The sink is the story.

40 people can’t make a metaverse. They can set up a place and system for one and we can agree on what we think we want and play at being the fed, but if we don’t actually dive in and act like the kind of mechaChadNerds who spent 5k to a million dollars on a high stakes but with rubber bumpers psychedelic RPG social experiment do gooder shennanigan show… we might not get what we paid for.

So ya, achievements… titles, all that… and caartridges… and people trying to steal your alch… and danger. We need risk other than “Is the other guy gonna dump?”

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