Ton and Ai Treatment for addiction

I’m sorry I am new. The Rock Lititz is access to working with big music artists and and can be used for events. I’m using sobercoin and finally ton to buy the old prison and a distressed abandoned medical center in order to get the county to spend the 200 million dollars on the new prison in a way that would change how bail is calculated and community service and good citizens is acrueus for taxes and payments for fines and other debts. NFT titles you can pay mortgage or rent a hotel room and teach others to use ai agents to take your place on a day off or negotiate strategies to provide your state with the same amount of services without the need to rely on high pay consultation and tax abatement to attract top talent. Make voting a bonus for the efficiency of your money decision. Stop double taxation and maybe the more taxes you pay from the income every citizens nft anonymous identity uses the more his or her ubi that he gives to someone that has a need or debt then property won’t be empty and homeless can use homes or small jails to keep them in their family and can be a private jail for locals and we can still get the from the feds for renting cells from county government. The AI retraining will create a new type of business that teaches other towns to us Ai to create changes.

The games will teach lessons. I will create a medical contingency management and a addiction rehab for coders and gamers that teaches a side gig and lifelong income for helping people get help. May I auction a NFT at Caron Foundation or have you at my event. Thadeous tech school and lots of Tech jobs in Lancaster PA I could use any help and send every graduate into your ecosystem while they spend 30 days in treatment with $5000 worth of tokens nfts to gamifi and pay for aftercare.

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