CoreProp: Launch Haunt 2

The Signal Proposal for “Launch Haunt 2” has passed at 91% approval and over 16 million GHST voting power (feeling that sweet boost from Aavegotchi and wearables)!

This thread will serve as the official discussion point for the just published CoreProp.

The past few threads related to SigProp 2 have been extremely helpful, so let’s keep it going. I have a feeling new SigProps related to game mechanics like the Rarity Farming Season 2 Rewards Cap may very well continue to gain traction, or at the very least, reach a wider understanding.

With that said, thank you all for voting in this very important CoreProp. No matter which way you vote!


Congrats! To get this started, I just wanna say I’m pretty happy with the revenue distribution percentages and rewards cap you suggested in the SigProp, the only thing I’d modify is the burn, at this point we could just split that 5% between Pixelcraft and the DAO for example.

As for the Rewards distribution, overall 60% pay to win - 40% play to earn seems good to me, but there are many ideas around about how to best break down those… None of them seem to me like “the best”, we’d have to try what most people find reasonable and see. So my stance about this is pretty flexible, I’d be ok with your suggested rewards distribution but also looking forward to see what comes up in the discussion.


Thanks @kenymccornick this is exactly why we added the amended text explicitly stating that game mechanics are definitely already within the domain of AavegotchiDAO. That was specifically a response to those who are not thrilled with the Rarity Farming Rewards Cap increase. It is unclear how much support the 2 Million cap has versus alternative ideas being fleshed out in the SigProp thread.

The issues you bring up here are also within the jurisdiction of AavegotchiDAO and I’d suggest best addressed with their own proposals as well.

As for my personal take on these issues, I have explained how we came to the 2 Million cap (a total GHST allocated increase that exceeds the amount eaten up by introducing two new Rookie leaderboards) and I strongly doubt any further reduction of BRS leaderboard rewards (currently 70% and reduced to 60% if this CoreProp passses) will be beneficial. My approach to this is to make any required changes in the least disruptive way possible.


Yup, totally agree @Jesse_gldnXross , to me the 2M cap and the 60% BRS rewards were spot on. And I also totally agree with the less disruptive approach argument.

Now we have same rewards pool size with the bigger hand of participants in the future?
Rewards are the same, but the competition going higher?
How many spots are you thinking to hold for rewards?
Same 5k?

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According to this CoreProp the Rarity Farming Rewards Cap increases from 1.4 million GHST (SZN 1) to 2 million GHST (SZN 2) and any additional GHST earned from revenue share going toward funding a future SZN 3.

The main idea being to grow the total rewards while not necessarily growing it so much that we find ourselves again reliant on issuing a new haunt in order to fund any third season.

The amendment explicitly makes clear that this CoreProp’s proposed cap can and even should be further examined/altered by AavegotchiDAO.


With the way the auctions worked, I think the cap of 2m for SZN 2 is too low. Should probably be 3m (and there will still be enough left for the SZN 3)


The revenue from the auction is a good amount to GHST to play around. I would use a big chunk of it to incentive new players and marketing activity.


Possibly. Do you think it’d be easier/better to make a proposal to perform any further raise after Haunt 2 Auction results but before SZN 2 begins?


I think it makes sense to have the rewards in somewhat a proportional ratio with the earnings, but at the same time leaving funds for the next iterations.

What do you think of:

rewards = min_value(max_value(2.5M, 60%(all the funds in the treasury raised by the auction 1 + haunt 2 + incoming next raflle)), 3.5M)

Basically, the rewards are inbetween a fixed interval: 2.5 million ghost and 3.5 million ghst, and the value has a proportionality with the treasury amount.

Of course, 2.5M and 3.5M can be discussed on.


Seems that way. Current pattern suggests to me that by season 3 we get a nominal increase to the total reward pool, like lets say 2.5mm, but percentage wise the rewards will continue to decrease as a percentage of revenues while users (hopefully) grow. A new circle of win(v3?) with overall reduced percentages for rewards- also becomes likely without much burn to reallocate next time around.


doesn’t working for me the page of vote today, what happen?

After h2 brs curve will be doubled or even tripled, i hope everyone understands that.

If gotchis population is rising, but the rewards are the same and wining place are the same too?

  1. That way I see only inflation (n broken dreams, kek), imho.
  2. If we will rise rewards and places, one day we might to hit a half of GHST supply in the game?
    I’m not sure, that is it good or not…
    Means, always rising everything, will bring some needs of changes to the ghst curve, cuz of demand and supply.
  • what is on the list for this two points?

(My classic on topic off-top input)
A throw to the future aka my long term visions:

Probably, one day, we will need to move away from brs rewards model as much as we can, and get to the point of sth like this?:

farming creeps, +(i thought we will have a process of making a resources chanting (kek,fomo,fud and chad, lol) through mining shafts that could be attacked by creeps or sth, then we need to call the aavegotchi mercenaries to help, and we pay ghst, but now creeps r going to be liquidators, (JG and me have a few crzy ideas for items and Liquidators skins, but I will have time only around September only)) guilds, missions, dungeons etc.

Where we beat the game, not eachother.
I want to make Frens, not to compare with them… but hold on by now boiz :smiley:
I were thinking of Liquidators evolution paths, cuz if it will be a creeps, sth really common, then they should have a rarity curves, like a d2 enemies, a slave, a warrior, a mage, group boss, invading szn boss.

  • I were thinking, common “meat” will be for free, but mb they will buy liquidators items, that aavegotchis can’t use, cuz liquidators will have different brs system and traits at all? Then, when aavegotchi kills liquidators, they can pickup that items and disassemble them to sth.
    Thnx for reading.

Snapshot team was trying to add in GHST-ETH LP voting strategy. Voting is now fixed and running smoothly again.

Imo, the incentive is also the rewards itself, and there will still be more than enough money for marketing activity left.

But maybe we can adapt the reward to bring new players.

I thinks the most interesting ranking that should receive more rewards are the XP and Kinship for 2nd season.

Because - if we avoid adding new potions - it will be a fair way to reward new players with equal chances for them

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