Uniting Season Ideas for a better tomorrow

Hello frens,

I hope this post finds you all well. There certainly have been a lot of great suggestions in the Make Season 2 great for new players thread. But they all have some drawbacks (including the ones made by me) and make some of the people feel like they are getting the short end of the stick.

Here I’d like to propose a framework to unify those suggestions in a way that makes everyone happy (enough) to reach quorum. Since this thread is less about which type of leaderboard and more about the framework in which we put those leaderboards (that could satisfy everyone’s interest) I made a new thread. I hope this is Ok. I don’t mean to offend by doing this.

Judging from the screams of my neighbor, I can tell that it is soccer season. Sports in general have been around forever and I thought that we could get some inspiration from sports tournaments. There is the world championship, which is the main event. But there are also smaller leagues. The European championship, the championship of a local country, all the way down to little league where your 8 year old might compete. There is a reason you don’t let your kids compete against professional athletes that are 20 years older. And because of that, even your kids sometimes manage to bring home a trophy, just like the big players.

I’d like to propose that some time after our main season, we’re gonna have one or more side seasons. The main season is gonna have 3 leaderboards like before (whichever those will be) and the side seasons will have up to three leaderboards. Leaderboards for the side seasons don’t always need to be the same. We could use this to try out different ideas, so every good idea gets a chance. And if there is overwhelming support for it, that particular side-season leaderboard-format could make a come back at a later side season. But if it turns out not to have been the best idea, we can just scrap it.

Why having different seasons? As I said before, it is very similar to what sports do. They all have different leagues. Also, when there is little going on in Aavegotchi - because the devs are busy working hard on the realm - side seasons will help keep the attention and keep the project relevant, so that the DAU count doesn’t drop too much and we have a continuous on-boarding of new people. I personally feel that the alternative: An(y) attempt at a one-fits-all solution within one single season that’ll make everyone feel like they are getting a fair chance, will simply be too complicated to find acceptance.

So what should become main and side season? THAT is actually best discussed in the Make Season 2 great for new players thread. There are a lot of great ideas already. You are free and welcome to make suggestions here, but I don’t want to highjack the other threads purpose. Here I’d mainly like to focus on what you guys think about this framework of having a main season and then - to appease interests that could not be covered by the main season (and for the reasons mentioned above) - we have side seasons.

Personally, I’d love to see two leaderboards, that don’t seem to have the most support for the main season, but could be really great for side seasons. One would be a leaderboard that simply cannot be bought in any way shape or form. One that is based on the interactions you had with your Gotchi. One example would be the Dependability score that you can find on aavegotchi.pet. It now takes the max between your Gotchi’s all-time Dependability and the (newest) owner-specific Dependability. So I believe it is as fair as it can be for everyone involved, even new players or people who buy neglected Gotchis from the Baazaar.
Another side season I’d like to see (which we could bring back regularly) would be little league. In little league, only the Gotchis of the latest Haunt would be allowed to compete (with new wearables only). And I understand that many people are against exclusion. But please keep in mind that as a side season, it would only feature very small, yet to be determined amount of funds (e.g. 5%). Can you really object to having the kids battle it out for themselves with 5% of the funds? If so…would you object to 2% as well? Or even just baadges?

But as I said. I don’t wanna make this thread about the different leaderboards we could use. Instead, I’d like to know what you think about the framework. Having a main season, where the big money is, and side seasons to show appreciation for other / smaller / newer accomplishments that would also be great for filling gaps while not much else is going on.


This has my support. Thank you fren.

Side seasons could be testing grounds to continue to streamline and automate the airdrops process.
A very limited amount of funds (from AGIP6 for instance) could be used in between seasons to develop this automation, and should something go wrong, it is not the main season/event that has glitched.

The following resonates very deeply with me:

We don’t need to throw newbies to the wolves, as neither should we hamstring the strongest performers- this kills sportsmanship and competitive spirit.

I support it as long as there is a main game/season/leaderboard that doesn’t penalize H1 for the sake of enticing outside users.

That is, the “side” or “additional” seasons/contests etc. can be made for new haunts with the understanding the original leaderboard is, well… the original.

One thing is to accommodate new entrants, while the other is punishing the smarterst and most succesful (also the ones who took the most/earliest risk) because now others want to replicate those results with a lot less pain, investment and risk - now that “the brush has been cleared and the path has been paved.”


Side seasons seem ok, but would there be rewards and if so how would they be funded. I would not support watering down main season rewards pool for this.

Separately, with Haaunt 2 and Gotchiverse rolling out, I have concerns we might be adding too much complexity too quickly if we starting more categories to compete in.


I think that is the main challenge. The space, the technology and the specific circumstances we are in- are all complicated.

It’s difficult to put out a single and simple solution with so many different issues at play.

It’s a little complicated on paper to understand, but once you go through a whole season it makes more sense and is pretty easy to grasp. I think fragmenting it up with all sorts of seasons and gotchi competition classes makes it complicated.

One main season, one competition pool and limit the number of gotchis per person for Haaunt two and I think you’re off and running.

Keep in mind Season 1 would have been a resounding success if Haaunt 1 had wider distribution and the wearables drop wasn’t hacked. Those two things caused so much headache.

If you check out Make Season 2 great for new players you’ll find that it is very difficult to reach an agreement on how the leaderboards for S2 should work. Which categories should be all-time, which should be delta, or should some be reset, should some be excluded?

You should ask yourself, if you rather see a small “watering down”, or instead see one of the leaderboards implemented that you do not support (for what would then be the only season). By introducing side seasons we give everyone a chance at happiness. And the main season rewards will still be huge compared to S1, even when you take some funds from it for side seasons. Because the auction model will bring in so much more money. I think redistributing some of it will be a small price to pay to prevent alienating people who strongly argue for the opposite case of which version of the leaderboard should be implemented for S2.

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@CryptoGotchi Yea, I’ve read through Make Season 2 great and I’m not against side seasons in general, just not yet. I can see that being very valuable once we have a large user base and a bunch of people are sitting around bored between seasons.

For now though, keep it simple with the same format as Season 1 and on board as many as new people as possible. I don’t think side seasons is something that will be a significant driver of growth for new users. Seems more of a nice-to-have, than some panacea.

Whoah, I totally see it now. Separate leagues managed by DAOs with their own buy in. I support this moving forward.


I really support this idea, I think it is great instead of just thinking things are OK the way they are. To be honest it’s quite slow and not very exciting on the downtime and to add something to give more to do more often would be great for those ADHD people like me (and a lot of other gamers). Petting is cool and all but it’s only every 12 hours