Proposal: Aavegotchi DAO event recordings

GM frens,

if something like this is not yet in the making, I’d like to suggest setting up an official Aavegotchi DAO Twitch channel where we commission people to stream and record all our meetings and events to keep a reliable permanent record.

What I imagine is that several trusted Gotchifluencers would get access to this Aavegotchi DAO Twitch channel, and for every event, the DAO would have a GHST budget to pay one or two of them to host. Something like 20 to 100 GHST (just to put out a number). That person would then also be responsible that everything runs smoothly.
The streamer would have the twitch and discord chats open (next to each other), if they aren’t presenting anything in particular like a video, presentation, or dapp.

Another idea, if we’d choose to implement this proposal:

I would further suggest that the DAO invests in a mumble server or something of similarly high audio quality. Many of us have noticed poor robo-dan struggling, as well as choppy music being played, and lots of other audio issues and artifacts. That is discord for you. Discord is by far the worst audio solution out there. I think we should treat ourselves to something of higher quality.

The people who want to avoid Twitch and just stay in Discord and don’t mind the bad audio, could still receive the Aamphitheater experience, just that instead of multiple people only the person who streams would be “on stage”, sharing his audio, which includes the other speakers via his/her audio out.

There is one downside however, which can probably be mitigated some other way. To go “on stage” would then require someone to also use mumble (or whatever software we’d go with), so it might not be just as frictionless as with just discord alone. But I think its worth it for all the attendees to have a clean, reliable, and audible experience.

Not sure if we’d need a sigprop for this proposal , since there is already a task force to give out smaller budgets like this on their own discretion, right? Anyway, lets hear what you guys think, we can always do a sigprop later if necessary.