Using PFP for liquidator

Hi Frensss

As you know Aavegotchi is missing visibility, i love this project but i think it doesn’t deserve the intention that it should. When you look at they have a really good adoption, why ? Because they are onboarding all the most famous PFP and it’s amazing.

My idea is the following, why not having a default skin for liquidator and if the users want they can equip there own PFP. It ll be something like BAYC , crypto punk ect trying to invade the aavegotchi world.

The idea is to bring other community into our world if we are building a metaverse it should be connected with other project and not only close to aavegotchi world.


I approve of crossovers. I remember when NFTs like Cryptokitties kept yelling about “you own it and you can use it anywhere” and that didn’t go anywhere as NFT projects like Axies and Cryptokitties never saw eye to eye.

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Beautiful idea, more difficult to implement but should be possible. The challenge interoperability with etherium since that’s where most pfp nfts reside. If devs can solve it to pull metadata from other blockchains while still verifying ownership it could be an awesome way to bring another layer of excitement to the gotchiverse. Maybe even offer a small stat boost to liquidators with a PFP or incentivise certain high value communities with small perks. Board apes are slow but hit harder than regular liquidators. Punks have more movement speed but slower attack speed. Stuff like that or just a flat stat boost for every pfp regardless of.whixj community.

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That’s a cool idea. Would love to see further discussion on this to flesh it out a bit more!


Cool idea! A video of the original DOOM with BAYC as the enemies recently showed me how simply we can use PFPs but still have them be fun. A couple simple ideas off the top of my head:

  • make the PFP appear thru a mostly-transparent “window” (thematically, these could be mecha-liquidators that the PFPs are driving)
  • make the colors of the PFP determine the colors of the liquidator when minted, so I can see the connection and feel it’s “mine”
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Really like the idea too, could maybe create a PFP-specific area with limited functionality of the Gotchiverse for people to tip their toes into it without having to buy an Aavegotchi.

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I love it, because I despise those projects.

Also, I know for a fact its best to be the one who hosts the party.