Liquidators collectible skins

Hi fam

Liquidators is on the way, and I was thinking about the skins for them from long ago.

Squid that looks like and idiot is great, but why do we need to endure the same look each of em of there would be a tons of em flooding, i want em to be like a creeps, that looks so different from each other, where each of the Liquidator could buy the skin they want to be able to wear, and some of the skins will be like an achievements for taking this much of this alch or for been alive for a while or for been slow or fast or whatever it could be.

“Homless peppez ain’t chillin” as example of the Liquidator skin.

Liquidators summoners will spend - Alch to buy skins, where each type of the alch will affect the skin color for example, or even GHST to DAO(or RF) for some rare skins and etc.
After Liquidator dies, the skin remains in the collection, but we could think of the fines for deaths 2, or durability of different skins or it’s rarities.

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