When will the "community" get the voting power instead of the whales?

I know this has been brought up before but this isn’t something you can vote on because of course the whales will vote against it and they have the voting power. These aren’t “community” votes. These are whale votes.
This is for the devs to decide if they democratic voting or do they want to kill the game because the whales have control?

Whose going to win the big rarity farming awards? The whales of course.
They control the votes.
They buy all the top wearables to jack up their rarity score.
They vote to raise taxes to increase the awards they’re gong to win in rarity farming.
They vote for whatever benefits them

If you truly want to know what the “community” wants then give voting an equal playing field.

1 account = 1 vote or however you make it so everybody has an equal voice

To the devs thank you for all your hard work!

How do you determine what “1 account” is? This is an on-chain game where wallets are all anonymous.

You missed the “or however you make it so everybody has an equal voice”

Right, do you have a proposal for this?

No, I’m not a developer. They know far more than myself how to accomplish this task. I’m bringing this up as an issue. The more knowledgeable people can create the solution. Having democratic voting is good for the development of the game. Not much future for the game if the whales control everything and get everything. Please try to see the point I’m trying to make instead of coming after me.

Not coming after you and I appreciate the sentiment! It’s just that there are a lot of proposals being put forward attempting to mitigate this exact same issue. Just wanted to see if you had a specific idea or not.

My apologies. I wish I had the knowledge of a dev and could create a solution. I’ve seen 1 Gotchi 1 vote proposed. Still not exactly one vote per person but it sure would be a hell of a lot closer than using GHST as voting power. I’m guessing 1 Gothchi 1 vote might be the easiest to create and most fair method of voting. I do appreciate the dev’s effort and time. I just think this is a very important topic that can’t be voted on under the current system.

The best way to achieve this would be 1 Gotchi = 1 Vote IMO. I don’t know if this is possible, and even if it is the problem is it would have to get voted on by the community which would obviously be blocked by the whales you’re talking about.

This is a huge problem for the “little investor/gotchi owner” and I think at some point the devs need to just say, “Hey y’all, it’s great that you whales have lots of dough, you can buy lots of gotchis and expensive wearables others can’t, but one area where we all want to be equal is in voting power. If you’re active in the community, own a gotchi and are respectful of the project, you should have a vote as powerful as a millionaire’s vote even if you only have 50 GHST to stake.”

Now I know they can’t just do that because it’s a DAO after all, but we really need to find some way to address this, even if it’s a special vote where staked GHST isn’t recorded on Snapshot, simply the gotchi ID or portal ID you own at the time you vote.

The devs have talked about things like voting with Gotchi, amount of kinship impacting voting weight and there have been ideas such as quadratic voting. This stuff isn’t easy though and takes time.

PS: We wouldn’t be where we are today without the whales. Demonizing them for having more money is just sad in my opinion.