Baazaar Wholesale Domination

Hi Frens,

I understand that the way how free market trading is supposed to be as what the ‘Gotchi Baazaar’ should be. Recently I noticed there many accounts that carry the same item with multiple quantity. At first I was thinking,… sure, buying low and hope to sell a bit higher is just one of the way to increase your GHST to do your way of Rarity Farming. But the last few days I’ve seen some selling the sell items with up to 100 - 200 pieces which I believe 200 is a maximum number you can put on Baazaar. And I believe having one wallet to be able to hold the same items with unlimited quantity is not going to be very healthy to our community.

I don’t even know if this is just me or if anyone see it as a problem moving forward? That’s why I put this under the ‘Ideas’ category. So please let us know what you think.

I am suggesting to have a limited number of pieces one wallet can hold with a single item. But no idea what’s that right number should be as what’s in the Baazaar market is now 200.

Kinda right n kinda wrong.
Seems like we kinda have a market maker, but also seems like it’s not easy for him, cuz there is TOO many tickers to handle, where each item is different ticker. And y need to track and cure it, sema like good old uniswap days, lol.

Could be cool to try to make it easier for the marketmakers to track the prices. Graph mb.

Limit the ownerships?
Mmmm, it’s good to have a big and strong hands, i would deffinatly do MM here, but i found out about ghst 2late.
Guys who goot to seed and private rounds are on the horse all the way in here.
Early ghst, early portals, early xp, kinship etc
And you want to make them go away?
Hah, sure, I’ll ask Stani to finish the bussines here tommorow.

LOL and again.
What do i see on forum?
Money talks.

So no one give a fuck about the game?
What game do you play here then?
Where is the game?
Is this the game?
What is the game?

I wish i know the answers without asking them.

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Thanks for the reply @ArtCore

I’m just a new learner here trying to move my way up by upgrading wearable on my gotchis. During this process, I realized there are some seller owning up to 200 pieces of the same item. And some are having many different item with 200 pieces.

What if this trend continuous where people trying to buy up items in the market that are under certain price, and then selling them at a much higher price after. This seem to be absolutely okay when it apply to a much rarer items. Like anything from the “Rare” up to “Godlike” level. Or in some cases like recently with the “Fox Tail” average price going up 4 times over night. It make perfect sense to me because it change from a “Body” to “Pet” slot. And that extra slot give extra BRS that now cost more GHST to earn!

On the other hand, isn’t it why we are in the NFT space? And why we invested into NFT because we believe price can go up over time? And it make sense someone buy a rare item and sell it at a higher price afterward. But what I am trying to focus here is the lower level wearable items. If someone buying everything in the market below 8 GHST and sell them at 12 GHST tomorrow. Is it okay to do so? I personally believe this will be very unfair and make it very hard for new players to come into our space. Don’t you think?

Of course cleaning up everything in the market require a large budget. But it is possible!

As a new player that really enjoyed the game and also tell friends many times about it. But seem like it is very hard to attract people to have their first step into the game.

I am not saying we should take away anything here. But just to set a limit of maximum pieces on one item a wallet can hold. I suggest 50 would be a decent number as a wallet might have up to 20-25 gotchis in it and each needing the same item on both hands which is very unlikely the case. And of course we can’t take back what people already have. The limit will apply after they sold all their items down to 50 pieces.

Open market are great! Don’t get me wrong. But without a limits, a wealthy whale can buy ALL items in the “Common” level and increase price. Making it in a way… centralized within this decentralized environment? Hope this explain what my concern is… :slight_smile:

“Welcome to blockchain!”
“Welcome to free markets!”

With the obvious and callous answers out of the way- let me try to ease your concerns.
You cannot limit wallets to items, too easy to spread into more wallets. For any and most kinds of measures you can try to take to tackle these nascent blockchain issues/dilemmas - there are always easy solutions to bot/script for the users you are trying to control- while taking away from the experience of the average user.
You can trust that our devs have spent considerable time on the economic/ game theory side of these issues. Their response is often that they assume that people will do these kinds of things and have already designed the game accordingly.
Going back to free markets, trying to monopolize or corner the supply of any low liquidity market will always be a dangerous proposition - no guarantees of success. If someone monopolizes pajama hats, the DAO could vote to issue new/better/similar pajama hats.
What I can guarantee you however, is that trying to reinvent and control the principles of free markets- will always end up being a losing game, just ask your closest dictator.


Hi @JG1,

Thank you so much for the explanation. It certainly clear my concern. Especially with the power of the community can vote to issue new items when there are issues that really damage the ecosystem.
Much appropriated!


i mean if its a problem thats why we have the dao. I dont see a problem either people will pay more because its worth more or they want. free market is free market. illiquidity is a feature not a bug. buy and hold. maybe you should be buying more wearables if it seems like a good idea to you. at the end of the day if they set price too high people just wont pay. its risky business trying to buy out a market on something.

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That’s true!
I already spent all my GHST on Gotchis and Wearables. Not even much left on staking… lol

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