Let's talk about #AGIP4

As I’m watching votes accumulate I’m surprised. Many people are voting for a repeat of Haunt 1 with a more extreme ape tax. I do feel this is better than the pre-paid option as far as not devaluing the rarity. BUT, no one is voting for 10k portals limited to 1 per wallet. I feel this is the most fair option and still helps gotchis overall retain value and rarity while allowing WAYY more users to get a gotchi (though not everybody). It would still take 30 min to sell out I’d guess but better than 30 seconds

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Do u want to know why? Check out the top 10 wallet addresses that voted for 25k portals and u will see that most of them dont even own any (expensive)gotchis or wearables. They want their GHST to moon so they don’t care about diluting the current market


again reach ppl voting for 25k where they can buy more than others. unfortunetly, the supply already more than the demand. just have a look at the Bazara. plenty of portal still closed. it is reduculase to call for second haunt


This begs the questions discussed elsewhere in this forum about how we govern the DAO (Cocoon (AavegotchiDAO 1.5) dual voting system, 1 Aavegotchi = 100 GHST vote). Voting needs to balance the interests of GHST assets with the interests of Gotchi assets. I think issues pertaining to the game mechanics, especially haunts, portal distribution and acquisition costs, should be determined primarily by those with Gotchi assets.