Should Wearable Voting Power only be counted for equipped wearables?

Hi frens, the two proposals for Voting Power together have gotten a decent amount of voting power, and although they haven’t reached automatic quorum, they are getting close enough for us to consider bumping to a Core Prop.

Prop 1: Fixed Voting Power for Wearables

Prop 2: Fixed Voting Power in GHST for each Aavegotchi

Many of our community members have seen their voting power significantly reduced because they invested their GHST into Aavegotchis and wearables. One could argue that GHST is the governance token, not Aavegotchis or Wearable, but in the end we’re all governing the Aavegotchi game, so it makes sense to me that players should have a voice via their Aavegotchis.

Which leads to my question: Should voting power be counted via the Aavegotchis + their equipped wearables (Method A), OR should we calculate Aavegotchis and Wearables separately (Method B)?

Let’s say Aalice has 2 Aavegotchis with 500 BRS each and 3 Godlike Wizard Hats.

Method A: Voting power = (2 x 500) + (2 Hats x 10,000) = 21,000
Method B: Voting power = (2 x 500) + (3 x 10,000) = 31,000

You can see the difference is 10,000, because with Method B the non-equipped Wearables would not be counted.

In my opinion, implementing Method A would reinforce the idea that Aavegotchis are voting because only Aavegotchis and their equipped wearables would count towards voting power.

So, what say ye AavegotchiDAO? Method A, Method B, or a not-yet discussed Method C?

  • Method A (Only equipped wearables)
  • Method B (All wearables, even un-equipped)

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I would prefer voting power only being granted to equipped wearables on gotchis. It incentivises wearable speculators to play the game and place them on a gotchi to get greater voting power.


I also prefer if the voting power was granted to the gotchi + equipped wearables. Although I do own some extra wearables that are not equipped, I can live without this voting power since Method A would still give me far more voting power than just my staked GHST. Quick question: Would open or unopened portals also receive voting power? I do not currently own an opened or unopened portal but I can see how someone who does would want that investment represented with voting power. Thoughts?

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Currently opened portals and closed portals are not covered in the Aavegotchi voting power proposal.

I’m not a big fan of giving portal hodlers voting power, I guess the same question might come up with land parcels and voting rights.


That makes sense. Hodling portals is similar to hodling and speculating on wearables so it would be reasonable to exclude them from receiving voting power.


I personally prefer voting power only be equipped to gotchas that are equipped with the wearables. And this is actually detrimental to me personally as I have a lot more wearables in my items than I can utilize on my gotchas. Method A may also encourage owners to actively trade more to match the best wearable to their existing gotchis.


Gotchi are “living” digital beings, while wearables are not.
Also making gotchis have voting power incentivizes more people to hold a gotchi.


Tough one.

I understand that the argument for Method A – that is giving Voting Power only to equipped wearables – seems somehow more organic.

My reason for voting Method B is based on this sentence from the Wiki:

I understand changing the wearables as an integral part of the game: if I want to play it that way, its almost unavoidable having (way) more wearables than can be equipped.

Principally I am for giving wearables voting power:

since the attire of an Aavegotchi shall count towards its voting power,

I would find it inconsequential that its wardrobe shouldn‘t.

A counter-argument for that I can think of is, that wearable-traders/speculators could have disproportionally much voting power.

This could be mitigated for example with a potential „method C“:

where the maximal voting-power a single Aavegotchi could have, would consist of the equipped wearables + 1 set of change-wearables.


I think since the votes will still be snapshots of GHSTs and gotchis at the time of the block chosen for the vote, Method A makes more sense since the snapshot will capture the outfit your gotchi is wearing at that time. On the other hand, Method A would take away voting power from frens who own wearables but no gotchis although I am not sure how prevalent such cases are. The proposed method C seems like it would require a lot more work from the devs to create a new voting mechanism where the voter chooses which additional set of wearables will have voting power for each vote. With that said, I would rather stick to either method A or B so we don’t overcomplicate things.


You can see the difference is 10,000, because with Method B the non-equipped Wearables would not be counted. I believe you meant to say would count


Voted Method A - Aavegotchi get BRS boost from wearables, placing these wearables on would add on to voting power like how BRS gets added from placing wearables on. Place your best wearables on to cast your votes! Having more wearables is great for aesthetics and certain use cases in minigames to have better interactions but only worn wearables should count in my opinion. Just make sure to place your best wearables on BEFORE you vote so Aavegotchi will cast their highest voting power.

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I agree though to clarify I think your gotchi’s voting power will depend on which block is chosen for the snapshot by the person making the proposal so you won’t be able to change wearables to affect your voting power. At the moment, my gotchis are wearing completely different wearables to up my chances in Sushi Vader so if a proposal was thrown up now I would be stuck with the less than optimal wearables for voting equipped. I’m fine with that though.


Can we get a notification in Aavegotchi UI that will let us know or inform us in some way so that we can make sure we have our best wearables on before that block?


I feel like that should be possible for Core Proposals since the dev team sets those up. Sig Props will be harder since we can set those up so giving notice to everyone will likely not be possible. Also, I fear some people will take issue if the notice isn’t deemed sufficient for them.

I’m voting Method A because ultimately I like the idea that a gotchi needs to equip it’s “sunday best” for voting events.

That said, I almost vote Method B because its very sad to know that A doesn’t help people who are perhaps just getting started and speculating with wearables to work their way up to a currently expensive Aavegotchi.

Basically, I vote for Method A while really hoping we see a Haunt 2 and more financially accessible Aavegotchis in the near future.


Alright so far almost every comment was in favor of A, even though 40% voted for B. Not sure why proponents of B are so quiet but let’s change that.

Most arguments for A are of symbolic nature in the sense that Aavegotchis are supposed to be living frens and not just numbers on a screen. This reminds me a lot of the discussion about a “Pet All” button. It was initially rejected by the community, but weeks later it became clear to pretty much everyone that it was a bad decision utility-wise.

I think we’re in a similar situation here. A might make sense for roleplaying sake, but it creates more complications than B while not really solving anything at all. Just the fact that it can be circumvented so easily makes it a pointless requirement to add.

Instead of going straight to Snapshot and voting, people who actively trade on the baazaar would now have to: Unlist wearables, equip wearables, open Snapshot and vote, unequip wearables, withdraw from pocket, list them again. And that’s for every single time they want to vote. That’s a lot of additional steps, even for frens who don’t “flip” stuff 24/7. Sure you can argue that they could (a) not trade or (b) not vote. But killing baazaar activity (revenue for the ecosystem + accurate pricing mechanism) or disincentivizing voting seems dumb to me. It would also make calculating quorum more messy since there’s wearables being equipped and unequipped all the time.

tldr; Method A imo too heavily focused on roleplaying, Method B solves the problem we initially wanted to address (voting power for people with “skin in the game”).


Great points made. I too was wondering why Method B has 40% but no one discussing their rationale. Yes Method A is great for the idea of role-playing, but I agree it could be a case where we are overthinking things. Method B is definitely the simpler option.


Great points. B better solves the problem that sparked this conversation and we’ll get plenty of role playing in the Realm regardless ; )

I have been swayed to Method B.


Moons insightful post also convinced me there is no reason to punish players for holding unequipped wearables. Their voting power doesn’t not truly reflect their value as it were. If it means we’d be allowing players to play by merely being involved in the speculation of wearables, then all the better IMO. Perhaps if we are lucky, someday we could have a satoshis coin type thing someday… ie: All-Seeing Eyes.