2hr spillover extra 2 days a week

In an effort to build gotchi community and have more opportunities for guilds and scholars. I propose to turn on spillover for a few hours a couple more days per week.

The additional two times per week would be like the Saturdays spillover. We all enjoy collecting our own spillover to meeting up for events where it rains alchemica. I think additional alchemica parties could build community and allow guilds to have their own alchemica parties multiple times per week.

With the additions of NFT displays having alchemica spillover parties could drive more eyeballs to NFT displays, allow parcel owners to show off their parcel art.

Suggestions for additional days would be:

  • Wednesday at 2PM to 4PM UTC.
  • Thursdays at 2AM to 4AM UTC. (so other side of the globe can play)

This would allow guilds to have events and have additional pickup fun. The added community building would far outweigh any botting and dumping. Also with only a 2 hour window gotchi owners have the choice to not channel or empty reservoirs during this time.


I feel strongly that we should use these events as rewards for community organizers.

We can use a metric like average attendance for their stream and the verse, and if they are in the top 10% of the range, its raining.

We could even just pit people against themselves.

You need to break your record to drop rocks.

Virtuos cycle.


Need more fun and community involvement. Turning on spillover for limited amount of time is one approach.

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This has many upsides. Downside being more inflation for the alchemicas but that is low enough for the upsides to outweigh it.


Rented gotchi can’t pick up alchemy. Only those who own land and ghosts can collect alchemy. In this way, the whole system is positive. Otherwise, the robot will eat the money in the system.

More community building opportunities far outweigh any botting problem.

Also, with only a 2 hour window not much spillover will be collected by bots. For those that are worried about bots, they can simple not channel or empty res during this 2 hour window.

Some on chain analysis could be preformed to get an idea of the potential spillover. Which I would think will put ppls mind at ease.

Restating, Having guild events and community building collecting activities would far out weigh and bot issues.


Two hours is just enough time for them to lose money by getting banned.

As always, the elephant in the room, is people who rent too cheaply. I’m not sure how you can have open and free markets if there are robotic participants…

What do you mean by community building opportunities? What benefits will they bring that will far outweigh any botting problem?

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Anything would be better than nothing…or the 2 hour Saturday window. I’d like to see all this stacked alchemica sent back to the gotchi owners, but apparently I’m the only one on the planet who thinks that! The point is, the game is not fun.

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I’m referring to guilds coordinating on channeling and emptying reservoirs. They can run around and pick up alchemica. I think of it as a tiny guild channeling event.

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Guilds took a huge hit when spillage was turned off. The economy became every gotchi for itself…
We used to have plans… currently we work on things outside of the gotchiverse because there is no team play in the gotchiverse.


What benefits will that bring that will far outweigh any botting problem?

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I support this. There is a lack of an incentive right now to do any sort of renting as a guild except for the once-a-week spillover event during the hangout.

This will incentivize gotchi lending outside of channeling during the week, also it will be helpful for those that can’t make it to the weekly hangouts due to timezone issues.


I agree with alot of people that have posted. If the spillover is not accessible to everyone it should not be used at all. This would help those that feel like they are missing out by not being able to participate. Then the DEV team can work on more “fun” things to be released when there is an actual game and not simply a “gamified” token release.
We imo are still basically in the alpha stage (which to me should have been closed) after just recently releasing the MVP because we have had few actual gameplay updates other than farming, messaging and sprinting.

Every weekend hangout I feel a little torn because Los Moustachos is getting together in Discord at the same time (for the spillover, I assume) as the hangout…

We’re talking about building the community using spillover slots? Let’s reward these slots to the most engaged guild communities–and especially those that use a language other than english. We can also do this on the condition that the hangouts and DAO meetings are recapped through these guilds–maybe this way we can start getting even more people involved with props.

This is such an excellent idea! Make it automatic so that all you have to do is get 20/50/100 gotchis in an area (or on one parcel?) and then the alchemica drops!

I would really like to develop this idea. It’s a gameified reward for the strongest communities. It sends spillover directly to the good ‘learnoors’ and allows guilds the discretion to choose how they gate spillover collection for their own members. It’s a great way to give event portals some mileage, too.

Imagine sitting in a class in John Gotchi’s school, passing an exam along with your 20 classmates, and triumphantly watching alchemica rain from the sky in congratulations.

We could make quizzes or surveys for every DAO meeting on a proposal’s basic concepts. Then spillover could be rewarded based on participation. This could be a great way to start a meeting.

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Definitely agree with scheduling a session for 2am UTC. That’s 7:00 pm PST and would facilitate actually being able to attend for some of us. I don’t see the point of scheduling a second session for 2pm UTC. If the point is to make it easier for more ppl to attend why not pick a different time… What’s magical about 2:00?

Nothing magical about 2:00 other than 2:00PM is the Saturday weekly meeting time when spillover is on. It’s easy to remember. The opposite time of 2:00AM is easy to remember and is meant to include those on the globe that are excluded during 2:00PM Saturday weekly meeting.

Nothing magical, trying to pick times for discussion that are consistent and respects, also includes our frens on the other side of the global.

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Just turning on spillover could be a 5 minute dev task and actually get done. Anything more complicated prob won’t get done in a timely manner.

What about something really really really simple?

Could just turn on spillover for one hour a day.

Monday: 2PM UTC
Tuesday: 2AM UTC
Wednesday: 2PM UTC
Thursday: 2AM UTC

Off on Friday and Sunday

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I understand, merely suggesting that if they’re ended up being 3 weekly spillover events it would make the most sense (to me) to give them each a different time to accommodate the greatest number of players globally. I do support the idea, even if it’s just 2 sessions weekly.

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