Playdrop-style alchemica drops for Channeling Spillovers

Hello frens,

With the 24-hour channeling windows, some new problems have popped up which are affecting the overall gameplay. I would like to suggest that we use Playdrop style alchemica drops for the spillover alchemica from Channelings. The Playdrop last month was a huge success and other than the monetary benefits from collecting alchemica, everyone also enjoyed playing and collecting them. The alchemica from all the channelings in a day(the 24-hour window) could be collected at designated address to be distributed the next day. The size of drops and frequency could be decided based on the amount of alchemica collected at this address. Here are some benefits if we adopt this:-

  • Have a consistent gameplay throughout the day for scholars
  • Reduce load from channelings at the same time (around 0:00 UTC)
  • Distribute spillover alchemica evenly across the map and across all time-zones
  • Scholars still collect alchemica even if they don’t find a gotchi/parcel to channel. Currently many scholars are struggling finding an available gothchi /land to channel

This is not a well fleshed out idea and there might be some issues if we implement this. Just wanted to put it out here for discussion to see if we can come up with something cool and engaging!


I’m intrigued by the idea of gradually distributing queued channeling spillover. The playdrop was a lot of fun + the scholars are familiar with it and many have been confused by the change. When the queued alchemica starts to drop on Monday (or whenever PC has the bugs sorted out) we’ll get a taste of what the Gotchiverse would be like with that mechanic. Should be a good experiment. One of the fun things about alpha tests is untangling the unexpected. It seems like PC & the community are pretty good at that.

Started a similar thread yesterday after the Haangout: Revisit / Revote on Cooldown Timer for Solo Channeling if you’d like to read some of the discussion there and add your thoughts.

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Have you thought about maybe going with a default time of let’s say 10-15 mins intervals? IMO if just solo channeling was a problem, just imagine what will happen once installation become available. If we start with a metered queue approach now it would help out a lot down the road.