A popular token LOGO

It is recommended that GHST replace the token LOGO (too mediocre). A token LOGO with strong dissemination and impressive reflection is very important.
For example, BTC and DOGE are typical cases. Even Vitalik saw the cute dog pattern before buying DOGE.
A good and attractive token LOGO is the initial motivation for people to want to understand this project

Do you have any specific ideas? I kinda like the current one.

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It would be cool if the token had a gotchi on it. Maybe a stately looking gotchi with a powdered wig.

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Use the rare agricultural champion Aavegotchi as the token LOGO (become a reward)
Make Aavegotchi emoticon packs for viral marketing in social apps
Ask a well-known singer to make a MV for Aavegotchi
Ask Pixar to make a big movie for Aavegotchi
Haha, Iā€™m happy to think about it
My english is bad, you understand

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The champion of Aavegotchi is also a star of reality

I think having an aavegotchi on it would be perfect as well

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The logo could be more eye-catching yeah. I still prefer the vibrant violet background of the token logo though.



Can we ask nicely to use AAVE ghost pic as our LOGO?

p.s. took it from AAVE.COM in the end of the main page, email subscription bar