What else is everyone doing besides petting there aavegotchi? haha

Is it just me, but I feel like the only thing I really can do at this point is pet this damn thing every 12 hours for a better score. All wearables are sold out and everything else has been bought and if not used sold for way more. I don’t know about anyone else but this seems to be getting outrageously expensive to boost these digi pets that are purely experimental at this point.
What other options do I have to boost it and if they aren’t any great options should consider a way to do it.


petting the gotchi’s some more, voting on the proposals ( Snapshot ), following along with the discussions in the discord…

Internally wondering if I should try to make an aavegotchi inspired artwork :grin:

Functionallity will come in due time (we hope), now comes the time of the, to employ the current lingo “shaking of the weak hands” as we hodl waiting for news and mini-games :joy:

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builders will build. the value is in the use as collateral the original haunt is an exclusive sale for people with the vision


That’s what I did!
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