Social Sharing of Aavegotchi

Hello Frens,

It would be cool that we can share our aavegotchis on twitter in a neat way.

Current Problem:

  • To share on twitter, we currenty have to crop a portion of our screen, which is not visually pleasing.

I would like to propose an idea whereby there is a “snapshot” button near ur aavegotchi. On clicking this button a photo would be generated of the aavegotchi, that would detail all the stats and of course ur aave gotchi with some cool backgrounds.

I am not a designer else i would have tried to do some mockups, but sharing it on social media, in a standard way, would be great. (just like how we share our Binance or FTX Pnl screenshots)

Please input ur comments. All the best :slight_smile:


I think this would be great, especially if it duplicates some of the appearance of the listing Gotchi view:

Image credit: Kuwlness on discord

The characteristics graph seems wonderful for an easy way to show how rare it is at a glance !