POAP design & process

Excited to see POAP snapshot passed, now we need POAPs.
Here is an example of a POAP design mocked up for AGIP15.

Here are the file type & size requirements for POAP designs:

  • Mandatory: PNG / APNG format
  • Recommended: measures 500x500px, round shape, size less than 200KB

What would the community like to do for POAPs?
There are many talented artists in the community; would anyone like to design POAPs?

I am envisioning a discord channel in aavegotchi or here in DAO where people can discuss and share POAP design for proposals. We could have a POAP pool available for people to choose from.
I will gladly work with anyone wanting to design or have an idea needing designing.

Please share any ideas to help integrate POAPs with our DAO.
Thank you frens!


Gm I’m a visual artist and would love to try to come up with some POAP designs :ghost:

A discord channel on the Aavegotchi page could be useful! Poapathon’s discord is very active in this way. There’s also the dapp Creaticles: https://app.creaticles.com/ which allows for crowdsourcing designs for crypto projects. Polygon Studios used it to host a mascot design competition recently. Not sure if it would be useful for us, but it’s a cool tool nonetheless.

And in the case that we would like to allow submissions from outside members of the Gotchi community, there is Poapathon’s “Request a Poap” feature. It allows for payments in USDC or MAI to winning artists.


That sounds great. I have created a POAP event for AGIP15 and submitted the Event ID with the Snapshot ID for POAP approval in their discord. I am currently working on a design for AGIP14. If you are willing you are welcome to pick any of the AGIP snapshots and work out a design. Have you made any POAPs?
Creaticles sounds great for crowdsourcing.
I am in POAPathons discord and love seeing the work they are doing there. I do not think the team is ready to divert funds for POAP creation or are they?

I would add to the design the 64x64 pixel constraint the gotchis currently reside within. You can of course enlarge the image from there but the idea is to maintain a cohesive appearance of all things gotchi.

How would you add to the design of the 64x64 pixel?
The aavegotchi’s are stored on the blockchain that way to keep size smol…
Would you like to make any POAPs?

Currently POAP designs are needed for any of the core propsal votes on snapshot. I am currently working on AGIP14, anyone wanting to claim an AGIP may volunteer in this thread. The size requirements are found below: Thank you frens!

  • Mandatory: PNG / APNG format
  • Recommended: measures 500x500px, round shape, size less than 200KB

Hi all,

I know some basic photoshop and would love to help out where needed. Thanks for leading this @GotchiLove!!

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Awesome, thank you! For the AGIP15 badge. I downloaded the gif of my gotchi, took 2 of the frames, then added the text/pic in a simple editor and ran them in a loop to create the apng.

Would you like to grab an AGIP and start designing a POAP?

currently the whole frame a gotchi exists in, including the bg is 64 pixels.
maybe the total size could be bigger, but what i’m getting at is the artwork ought to remain pixel art. from my perspective, it wouldn’t make much sense if some of the poap designs are high-res vector graphics.

anyways, i think it’s a cool proposal and wouldn’t mind designing one or two. is it possible to retrofit poaps to previous AGIP?

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Took at crack at AGIP17. See below for two options. Happy to incorporate any feedback. Tried to keep it pretty minimal. Let me know what you guys think. Maybe make the text a bit smaller?
AGIP 17 Option 1
AGIP 17 Option 2

EDIT: one more version slightly more centered and smaller font.

AGIP 17 Option 2v2


Thank you for your help and interest. Yes we can retrofit previous AGIP with POAPs. I agree about keeping with pixelated art. Feel free to grab an earlier AGIP to design. I am working on #14.

Awesome, thank you! I like your design; could you rework it with only AGIP17 on the POAP? I am afraid the smaller text will not be see through most apps like this POAP :

We can add details about each AGIP when we submit the POAP event to link with the snapshot vote.

Gotcha - how is this?

AGIP 17 Option 2v2


Nice. Would you like to learn how to create a new POAP event? I can set it up, but perchance you want to learn to make/release your own POAPs.

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I am happy to set it up - just pinged you on discord to make sure I format correctly for Snapshot

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I had a little fun making one for AGIP6 (increase bazaar fees 0,5%)

The circle BG isn’t perfect.
what do ya think?


That looks great; I like it. i see what you mean on the perfect circle, not sure how noticealbe that would be in POAP form. Would you like to learn how to create a POAP or I can run it through.?

I think i’d just set the BG to that colour as a square and let the poap crop it for me. I was using asesprite which is great for pixel art and not so much for things like cropping circles. i just did that quick circle for illustrative purposes.

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Sounds good. Simplest is often most effecient.