Aavegotchi Raadio

Hi Gang! Sorry I didn’t start my Raadio idea in the correct order. Here is a little preview I designed for the idea. It is something really simple. It is a Raadio where you can buy 8-bit songs. Songs can have a quantity limit or a time limit for scarcity. And just like any other wearable you can add them to your Aavegotchi Plaaylist or Pocket and list them in the Baazaar. I’m proposing a way to bid also with the time of the song as the bidding time. Thank you all for your votes!

Discord: @Fab#3030



Would the music be an ERC1155 token that could be transferred? I like the idea of music especially if it is like a wearable that holds value and can be traded on the Bazaar or a secondary market.


Even though I don’t know how the technology works, the dream is 100% on chain 8-bit collectible songs.

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This would be very cool consept. Also would pair up perfectly with parcels where songs could be played with a AoE style. Gootchi clubbing is GO!


@ffaggioni great idea, i’d like to own a collection of Gotchi 8-bit bangers!