Aavegotchi Text-Based RPG

Hey frens, some of us have been contemplating the idea of an Aavegotchi Text-Based RPG, where interested community members come up with some aavesome stories that expand on the lore of the Gotchiverse and make things even more fun! We have gathered a handful of individuals who are interested and are seeking to find more members before formalizing it into a guild.

In every culture and community, stories and narratives are what connect people together. This is no different in the Gotchiverse. We aim to create a more immersive Gotchiverse culture through our stories.

What Do We Do
Write fun 500-1000 word stories that take place in the Gotchiverse. Fellow members could come up with their own original pieces or build on another fren’s stories. Feel free to add in images to evoke the imaginations of our readers further!

These stories could be written on Google Docs and compiled in a Discord message/Notion page with links to the stories. Good pieces could even be published on the official Aavegotchi blog! We are a community of culture, right? Right?

What Can We Ideate On
Who are the denizens in the Daark Forest? What’s there at Mount Oomf? Where does the yield in the Yield Fields come from? All these are blank canvases that we could help fill in!

Where Are We Situated
A Discord Server will be set up to host the guild.

Points To Note
@Jesse_gldnXross has mentioned that Gotchiverse lore will be rolling out soon. We will have more content to work with in our stories.

None. My rationale for starting this project is to identify interested individuals who are keen in text-based roleplay. We need to observe how sustainable this project is and dip our toes in slowly (i.e. how often do we publish? Who are the individuals who are actually publishing? Can these individuals keep up with the publishing schedule?)

If there’s enough demand for our services, we could professionalize our offerings to the wider community.

Depending on how strict we choose to be, the following are possible workflows that we can adopt:

  • Writer writes their story, publish it
  • Writer proposes an idea, write it, publish it
  • Writer proposes an idea, write it, undergoes vetting by fellow writer frens, publish it

Subgroups in the Guild
Some of our frens have a wide imagination and often come up with interesting ideas. Others are more interested in the actual writing. We also have frens who are good at marketing and disseminating our stories far and wide.

We need each other!

Each group has different needs and offer different expertise to help the project succeed as a whole.

We need to think of what are some possible groups and how we can facilitate the processes to make them contribute at their best!

Future Plans

  • Real-time text-based roleplaying during official guild events
  • Writing competitions during key holiday seasons (e.g. Halloween)

Interested individuals

Actionable items to be done

  • Decide on a guild name (please put forward your suggestions!)
  • Decide on which workflow to use
  • Ideate on possible groups and how we can accommodate them

Hello frens!

Lemme slide into that Interested Individuals list and put me down for editing/proofing/review/ideas/testing/pm rather than writing. If someone wants to spin up a free Notion account and invite me as a Guest Contributor, I’d be happy to help build out a workspace for this over the next few weeks.

RE: Actionable Items–

  • Guild name suggestion: RPGotchis? (low-hanging fruit :sweat_smile:)
  • Workflow preference: Include the fren review (perfect model for a Notion Kanban or a Dework)
  • Groups to include: Writers, Reviewers, Administrative, live-event GameMasters/narrators, and likely a single, branded Publisher might work best for content organization and marketing

People interested : Krvtch , Stomper both are artists and are willing to help brain storm and create art. Also TecY is interested. I believe he is the ambassador of Tec Viva guild. Also 0xzfi ofc!

Guild name ideas : Stooory Tellooors, Gotchi Tales, A Gotchis Story,

Work flow preference: I would write a story, have frens proof read, create a rough sketch story board to help envision user experience, create alternative story routes or endings based on player button selections. Im not sure what you mean by publishing the story. I need to see an example of how the guild wants to execute the final piece. I can write 500-1000 word stories, buts its all just wild imaginations. I would need someone to clean it up and make it sound to the guilds liking. Im not sure how detailed you would want the story. Ill just go ahead and make up a story and we’ll go from there. Lol :heart::open_book:


@0xZFi There are a number of suggestions for the guild name on Discord and on Twitter. So far, “Gotchi folklore society (GFS)” by @bin_laggin is winning :fire:

Great point on the subgroups :muscle:

@Gotchi_Bulls Hmm, according to my own definition, the closest analog to text-based roleplay is fan-fictions. I think what you have in mind is something like a text-based, choose your own adventure game. I have the former in mind, but have been contemplating on the latter as well. We could experiment with both

What I meant by publishing is sharing the link to the article on Twitter once the author is ready to do so. Oops, made it sound too formal

Yeah, cleaning up could be managed by the Reviewers subgroup.

Feel free to let your imaginations run wild. You never know what awesome stuff you might come up with!


Okay bet fam! I will look at the former and get an idea… have any other games in mind I can look at so i can have more examples?

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I like this idea a lot. I’d definitely be up for both writing stories and helping edit anyone else’s prose that would enjoy a frenly critical eye, just with respect to spelling (bearing in mind the obvious need to use a gotchi glossary, based on BowtieNerd’s Wiki as Source of Trooth), grammar, and internal logic.

  • Guild name suggestion: Loore Maakers
  • Workflow preference: * Writer proposes an idea incl characters & skeleton plot, frens comment on it, writer writes it, undergoes editing by fellow writer frens, vote on publishing final stoory
  • Groups to include: Really like 0xZFi’s suggestions (Reviewer=Editor) but add Marketing as distinct from Administrative.
    If we are thinking of Discord channels, it would be useful to have a writer’s reference we could build up with glossary, maaps, timelines, maybe faamily trees…
    I hadn’t read this discord thread first - probably should have read before commenting, but I’ll leave my post as is anyway. Discord

To any frens reading this post, please visit the Aavegotchi Text-Based RPG thread in the DAO forum on Discord to see some live examples of the fun we are having (with reference to @Gotchi_Bulls’s post)

@jaynee Welcome fren! Good suggestions!

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Here’s our updated cast of characters :sunglasses:


  • BowtiedNerd
  • Laggin
  • Gotchi Bulls
  • jaynee
  • kraavitch
  • Gotchi 15
  • TecY
  • HarambeV2
  • Zerk
  • Nofuturistic


  • Quincy1971
  • Zerk
  • kraavitch


  • BowtiedNerd
  • 0xZFi
  • Gotchi 15


  • Nofuturistic


  • jaynee
  • Zerk


  • stomper
  • Laggin
  • Gotchi 15
  • kraavitch


  • Nofuturistic

@bin_laggin will be helping us create our logo. Once that’s done, @0xZFi and I will spin up a Discord server and a notion board to track down administrative stuff

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really reminds me of old good times!
I support with both hands !

My roommate came in the other night to mock me for MUDding. :smiley:

“I thought you guys were the leading edge!”

mumbles something about not forgetting your roots

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