Gotchi Spaces Idea

The official Aavegotchi twitter has over 60k followers. I think a good idea would to organise regular twitter spaces over there. I know Nonfuturistic does it on his channel, but if it was on Aavegotchi’s channel the reach would be much greater and many people who slept on Gotchi would be notified.


I agree, at least doing one a week hosted by the official Aavegotchi twitter would help bring a lot of people in and garner a bigger audience.

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@nofuturistic and I have been running a Space every Sunday Night where pretty much anyone interested in Aavegotchi can chat and ask questions. We get a reasonable amount of people turning out but I agree that If the word got out through the main Aavegotchi Channel alot more would turn out!

I think the team has left it up to us to spread the Gotchi gospel while they focus on shipping. Although it would be cool to get Jesse, Dan and some other core community on there every now and then

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This is something we are looking into! We had one in October just before the REALM auction that saw a nice turn out on short notice. It’s tough to organize one on a weekly basis, with the team focusing on shipping, but I am hoping to get us on Twitter spaces more frequently.


Yeah weird that we didn’t do it on Twitter every single time.

Its true. The organisers could broadcast the meeting in discord a few days before it starts to let people know. As for now I get to know these spaces only a few hours in advance.

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