About the Gotchiverse Bible category

The Gotchi Bible aims to complement the lore-heavy Litepaper by filling in information gaps and answering key questions related to every aspect of the game. Thus, it is quite an intense read!

Aavegotchi is also a community-owned game, and we believe this is the perfect opportunity to let AavegotchiDAO work its magic!

This is why we are breaking the release of the Game Bible into smaller, bite-sized “Chapters” that can be analyzed, adjusted, and finally confirmed by AavegotchiDAO.

How a Chapter Becomes Canon

In tandem with the publishing of each Chapter, we will create discussion thread on the DAO forum where the community can discuss the information presented in the Chapter. This happens here in the Gotchiverse Bible category!

  • After a week of discussion, if no major issues are raised, we will create a CoreProp and have AavegotchiDAO vote to confirm the Chapter’s contents.

  • Unlike the Gotchiverse Litepaper, which was hosted on Google Docs, the full Game Bible document will be hosted on the Aavegotchi Github page, which allows for transparency between all edits. We also welcome community members to create Issues on Github with questions about specific sections!

Let’s make great use of our DAO forums to flesh out and confirm these most important game design decisions together!